Ukraine electric lines
Russia is providing electricity to the Lugansk People's Republics as humanitarian aid in the aftermath of Kiev cutting off power lines. The level of electricity consumption has been maintained, a source familiar with the situation has told journalists.

The Ministry of Energy and Coal of Ukraine and the Energorynok State Enterprise halted the supply of electricity and power to the republic at midnight on April 25, 2017.

"Such actions by the Ukrainian authorities could lead to humanitarian catastrophe. Hence why the decision was taken to provide electricity from the territory of the Russian Federation as part of affording humanitarian aid to the population of the LPR. The level of energy supplies to consumers in the affected areas of the Lugansk region has been maintained," the source said.

Comment: It's hard to determine what Kiev's motivation is by this action. It certainly pushes Lugansk more towards Russia. Is this a provocation to get Russia more involved in the Ukraine crises?

The head of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Lugansk People's Republic, Sergey Ivanushkin, announced on Tuesday that on April 24th at 23:41 Kiev had halted electricity line from the Kirova thermal power plant of 220 kW and from the Mikhailovka thermal power plant line of 330 kW which runs across the territory of the LPR.

On Tuesday, electricity supplies to the Lugansk People's Republics enterprises and population were ensured thanks to Russia and despite the cessation of supply from the territory controlled by Kiev, the source said.