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Low Temperatures
Meanwhile back in the real world:

20 Dec 2016 - Heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia - Such snow not seen for many years. Temperature below zero.

19 Dec 2016 - Snow in the Sahara for the first time since 1979

Snow in Sahara
18 Dec 2016 - Record low temperatures have been recorded in cities across South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota

Low Temperature in Boston
16 Dec 2016 - Extreme cold alerts in Mexico
Record Low Temps in Mexico
16 Dec 2016 - Heavy snowfall in Morocco

12 Dec 2016 - Record breaking cold in Boston
Low Temp North USA
19 Dec 2016 - Record breaking snow for Montana
Low Temp Montana
14 Dec 2016 - Heavy snow in Korea

Record Low Temps in Korea
15 Dec 2016 - Heavy snow in Kurdistan

Record snowfall in Kurdistan
12 Dec 2016 - Unseasonably cold weather in Australia plays havoc with cherry harvest

 Low Temp Australia
8 Dec 2016 - Heavy snow in China

Heavy Snow in China
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Meanwhile, Northern Hemisphere snow cover during November is at its highest level for more than two decades.

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Anomalies 1966-2016 November
I can think of many terms to describe the world's weather at the moment, but sizzling would not be one of them!
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