West Ghouta

As reported here at Syrper last weekend, negotiations were underway in Mu'adhdhamiyya to liberate this important city, west of Daarayyaa. Today, 620 terrorists and about the same number of family members left this city toward Idlib. Tomorrow, another batch will leave. By Friday, this important city will be terrorist free.
west ghouta
Further south, another reconciliation is under way at Al-Tayyiba and Zaakiya, a bit south of the recently liberated Al-Dayrkhabiyya. Zaakiya is a large city, about the same size as Khaan Al-Shaykh. Once negotiations are finished and the cities liberated, the terrorists inside Khaan Al-Shaykh will be completely isolated and surrounded and will have no choice but to surrender to the Syrian Arab Army. That will be the last pocket of terrorists in West Ghouta. The impact of this huge diplomatic success will be felt in all southern Syrian provinces and inside East Ghouta.


After a successful military campaign over the last 4 weeks in eastern Aleppo city, the Syrian and Russian negotiators offered another window of opportunity for civilians to leave the combat zone, as well as tendering an offer to the terrorists for safe passage to Idlib or reconciliation with the Syrian authorities.

As expected, the most radical terrorist groups announced they won't accept the safe passage offer by following orders from their masters to stay as long as possible and fighting to their death while holding down the SAA and allied forces in the area.

Silently, the Syrian and Russian negotiators were continuing with their laudable efforts to free up as many civilians from eastern Aleppo as possible. Today, some 150 terrorists were given a free green bus ride to Idlib with many taking the offer of reconciliation. As a result, Bustaan Al-Qassr district and its vicinities will be liberated shortly.
It is expected that many other districts will follow in the next day or so, but it is also expected that the most radical groups inside Aleppo may start a war of pure vindictiveness against the ones willing to leave or surrender.

No matter what, it is a huge diplomatic victory for Syria and Russia.
aleppo leaflet
Northern Hama

The assault on Tayyibat Al-Imaam has started early today. A terrorist tank was destroyed by the Tiger Force's rangers and the city is now under intense air attack and artillery fire. Special attention is given to the roads to the rear where reinforcements are under constant shelling. Expect news this week of its liberation.