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Ever since Russia called the Empire of Chaos' bluff and shone a light on the web of lies with which the West has for so long held a stranglehold over much of the world, spin-doctors in Western capitals and have been working overtime to prevent the catastrophic collapse of the 'West is the best' narrative. Obama claimed in a recent interview that he had never had much confidence in the Pentagon program to train 'moderate rebels'. So despite training and arming these head-choppers, it has taken the US government four years to discover that they 'never really had much faith in that program'.

This doesn't mean, of course, that the Empire is about to change its course of action in Syria. US Defense [sic] Secretary Ash Carter has declared support for a new group of 'moderate rebels'. Yes, it boggles the (human) mind how this textbook example of 'failing to learn from mistakes' can be coming from the most powerful circles on the planet, but then, as Putin pointed out, some of these guys have mush for brains.

Just as a ball can be given so much backward spin that it can return and hit you hard in the face, so too with spinning lies. Turkish prime minister Davutoglu, waxing philosophical on the subtleties between Islam as defended by Turkey and the variant espoused by ISIS/ISIL, this week assured local reporters that "there is not a 180 degree difference, but a 360 degree difference."

© UnknownThere's not a 180 degree difference between our Islam and ISIS's, there's a 360 degree difference
Davutoglu's statement went viral on social media as Turks realized their leaders' brains are also exhibiting symptoms of having turned to mush. Whether his spin-doctor was on holiday, or overworked, or whether this 'frank admission' was due to a malfunctioning teleprompter is unknown. Disregarding the extent to which Turkish Sunni state Islam is indistinguishable from the head-choppers' firebrand Islam, the bottom line is that without Turkey's extensive help providing training and logistical facilities for CIA goons on the ground in and around Syria, as well as shelter, air-cover and much more, ISIS would have ceased to exist long ago.

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