© ReutersCrop circles have appeared in a wheat field located in Wilbur, Washington, not far from the nation's largest hydropower producer.
Wilbur, Washington, US - Paging Fox Mulder and Dana Scully: Mysterious crop circles have appeared in a wheat field near Wilbur, Washington.

Greg Geib comes from a long generation of farmers. His family has lived on the property he owns for more than 100 years. The road is even named after him. And in that time they've never seen their wheat crop mysteriously carved out with crop circles.

Until now.

"I was kind of like, hmm, I wonder what this is all about," Geib said.

"My reaction was like, 'Why me?'" he laughed.

Last week a neighbor called, telling Greg about the crop circles in the land they farm near Highway 174. The Geibs say it's the third instance of crop circles in the Wilbur area in the past five years.

"I guess its our turn," Cindy Geib said.

Some think it is wind damage, or kids trying to pull a prank. Greg and Cindy Geib think otherwise.

"I can't really rule out aliens but you have to wonder in the back of your mind you know," Greg Geib said.

"I'll leave that up to whoever's imagination," Cindy added.

Walking through the circles you'll find everything is very precise, each straw smashed to the side in a unified angle.

The one piece of evidence out of place was a long strand of toilet paper that looked fresh -- an odd place for it and a sign of a prankster -- but inconclusive evidence at best.

There are many theories on how it happened and who did it; perhaps Cindy Geib's is the most interesting involving aliens.

"When they fly over all the houses, they just put everybody to sleep and then they go do their job and then when they leave they wake everybody up," she said.

There are many reasons why you may not believe these are not actual crop circles from aliens, but the Geibs say if it is a hoax, it sure is a long way to walk just to pull a prank.