For the first time researchers
have linked bacterial problems in the mouth to the deterioration of joint health. They found that the spread of adverse mouth bacteria, through the inflamed gum tissue and into the circulation, could wind up in the synovial fluid of joints and cause major problems associated with both osteoarthritis Degenerative joint disease. Most common type of arthritis that causes a chronic, progressive, breakdown in cartilage in middle-age adults and older. and rheumatoid arthritis.

While this is not the only reason for joint pain and arthritis, I believe it is a common reason for such problems and a contributing factor for a majority of people. I have observed for many years the relationship between digestive inflammation and joint deterioration. For example, in children inflammatory joint problems are almost always caused by digestive imbalance. The same is true for many adults. The health of the mouth is oftentimes a reflection of general digestive health.

The take-home message is clear. People suffering from joint pain should also consider their digestive and periodontal health both have potential to affect their joints. Recently I explained that silver could readily disrupt biofilms (germ gangs) in the mouth, making gargling with colloidal silver one approach to this. At the most fundamental level of solution is increasing intake of friendly flora and fiber. Other natural immune support compounds may be needed, including fully addressing the Candida issue. Dental work as well as routine cleanings may be very important.

There is plainly no reason to watch your joints disappear simply because you have an unmanaged dental or digestive problem. As the above study points out, even a joint replacement is likely to fail if the problem goes uncorrected.