I have been following the scientific research on psychopathy by Canada's Professor Robert Hare for some years given his seminal work on demonstrating that the common notions of psychopathy are grossly over-simplistic and one-dimensional. In their purest form Psychopaths literally are, as the title of one of Professor Hare's books suggests, "without conscience" but are not all like some Hannibal Lecter stereotype or likely to end up in prison or secure mental institution. Psychopaths are an aberrant minority or human sub-group that can be highly intelligent and able to assess and mimic normal human emotions and empathy so as to disguise their true nature from society, colleagues and even spouses. Intelligent psychopaths can in fact teach themselves to intellectually understand normal cooperative emotional human beings in considerable detail without sharing or feeling normal human emotions and sympathy - which are viewed by psychopaths as weaknesses and not the long-term communal human survival traits/strategies that they actually are.

Professor Hare pointed out that psychopaths thrive in the fields of big-business and politics and can create mayhem therein. Intelligent psychopaths can be very charming and charismatic and find their way into various positions of leadership because of such outward characteristics that are combined with single-minded and determined ruthlessness. Unfortunately, such charisma and decisiveness has beguiling broad appeal to non-psychopaths who do not have the either the time or inclination to undertake or audit various leadership responsibilities themselves. Psychopaths seek to be in positions of power, crave malign thrills and enjoy manipulating others and derive a sense of superiority from such pursuits.

Professor Hare coined the term "snakes in suits" to describe such individuals amongst the professional classes who are a major threat to wider humanity. Moreover, as Professor Hare postulated, there is increasing evidence of both a genetic predisposition and learned-behaviour component to psychopathy which is why it is often manifest within family dynasties and fostered by certain political, institutional and social regimes/environments. Researchers into criminal International Banking and Neo-Malthusian Eugenics will have little doubt that such psychopathy is a major factor within malign architects of of our rapidly assembling global 'New World Order'. Al Gore, whose pseudo-scientific claims on anthropogenic global warming were dismissed by the UK High Court, and Tony Blair, whose misrepresentations on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction led to war, have both for example been cited as exhibiting unrepentant psychopathic white-collar traits.

An absolute must-see documentary film on the science of psychopathy was screened by the BBC Horizon science series on 7 September 2011 (details below) entitled: Are You Good or Evil? The film is not perfect and could have done much more to explain the importance of socio-political factors in manifesting psychopathy. In my view the programme over-focuses on genetic predisposition to psychopathy as opposed to socio-environmental triggers to expression of genes involved in psychopathy.

Comment: Our research has found the lack of focus on the fact that psychopaths are born that way to be a dangerous blind spot. People who can't see around this blind spot invariably succumb to the notion that psychopaths can be 'fixed' because they wishfully revert to the false assumption that the environment from birth onwards is what made them that way. The author is strongly recommended to read Political Ponerology for the crucial, originating role played by the smallest subset of psychopaths - those which are born that way, irrespective of class - which Lobaczewski termed 'essential psychopaths' - in the spread of psychopathic values throughout society.

One scientist talks about the possible discovery of a "morality molecule" for example, which begs the question: did the population of NAZI Germany inexplicably manifest such a molecule in the 1930s for no reason whatsoever or were various socio-environmental triggers the primary reason for the expression of widespread political psychopathy within the Third Reich? Clearly, 'psychopathic' behaviour was expressed by larger numbers of German citizens during the Reich than could be statistically expected to have been pre-existing clinical psychopaths.

Comment: Again, once the author reads up on the hysteroidal cycle and understands that psychopaths are periodically cleansed from the top of open societies before slowly regrouping there again during 'the good times', he will see how and why it is that different nations/regions succumb to ponerogenesis during different periods. Today the US dominates the world, but no one would say that all or most Americans are psychopaths. Clearly the same kind of phenomenon is acting on them as did during pre-WW2 Germany.

One clue to such trigger complexity is chillingly given in the film: describing how the US Marine Corps has learned that, for the non-natural psychopath recruits at least, natural conscience and in-built human instincts to kill only when necessary for survival, have to be overcome by training. In other words non-psychopaths have to be manipulated and re-programmed to act like psychopaths in order to serve their masters in the military General Staff.

It is good that the BBC Horizon programme recognises that psychopaths can adversely and seriously affect our daily lives in more widespread circumstances than traditionally thought and that psychopathy science needs to increasingly warn and help protect society. Unfortunately, such science has arrived very late in the day and most psychopathy scientists are way behind the times given that the proverbial geo-politico-psychopathic horse has well and truly bolted and is so close to the finish line. Psychopaths have been systematically controlling and whipping a wider humanity, that long since lost the reigns of political control, via usurpations such as the 1694 Bank of England and 1913 Federal Reserve Acts - along with countless Hegelian events such as false-flag terror atrocities like those on 9/11 and 7/7.

Moreover, with regard to the latter, the veritable tsunami of propaganda which facilitated the actions of the real psychopathic terrorists emanated not least from the BBC itself. If the BBC is therefore really serious about scientifically examining psychopathy it would find ample study-material amongst the controllers and manipulators at Broadcasting House in Portland Place, London. Those presstitutes among them who have any humanity and intelligence left would also do well to consider the likely fate of their own children in the future global 'scientific dictatorship' of psychopathy that they are helping to build. To all others, with the obvious exception of said Horizon psychopathy programme, I would say please spend less time imbibing geopolitical propaganda from a psychopath-controlled BBC and take the urgently needed trouble to read and watch as much as possible at the following website: