Meteorite Over Carroll County This Morning:

Kelly Britton reported a meteorite just south of Delphi this morning at 5:20 a.m. Here is her account from her email:
Didn't know if anybody saw what I saw this morning, 5:20am just south of Delphi. I saw a low flying light streak with a red glow around it and it was moving fast. First, I thought it was a plane going down at the Delphi airport, I thought no it was going way to fast for that. I've looked around on the local net and haven't saw anything yet. As low as it was you would of thought you could see something on the ground?
I have not had other reports, but it sure sounds like a meteorite that burned up in the lower atmosphere. She stated in a second email, it looked like it had to have been 100′ from the ground. Most of the time they burn up much higher than that, but the distortions caused by the curvature of the earth make them appear much closer to the ground. That is not to say a meteorite could end up in someone's has happened before.

This map & data courtesy of Indiana University:

Indiana meteorites
f they explode very low in the atmosphere, they can produce a sonic boom.

Account of a Meteorite in Jasper County in 1870:

Here is a copy of his weather record sheet from February 1870 in the first image & the account of the meteorite in the second. I have deciphered the paragraph concerning the meteorite in the third graphic:

(I am truly indebted to NOAA & the National Climate Data Center for their help in giving me access to this historical meteorological document. BIG THANKS to them!)

J.H. Loughmidger, MD, February 25, 1870:
25th - At about 15 minutes after 2 o'clock a.m., I observed a very bright meteor almost as bright as the full moon, passing from south west to n'east. When about 40* N.D. of the zenith it exploded into five or six fragments, which like balls of white light was projected forwards and to either side of a couple of 15 or 20 degrees and gradually disappeared. In from one to two minutes afterward (the time not noted with accuracy) a loud and distant noise was heard, resembling thunder, not very distant, or the discharged heavy (can't read next word on document), followed that of six pounders, or platoons of musketry. The first sound was heavy and distinct followed immediately by a rumbling, rattling and reverberating sound. The light of the meteor seemed almost or brighter [than] sun light and lasted near one second of time, and so far as I can learn was not seen by any one but myself, it being my good fortune to be returning from a professional visit at the time. But, the sound of the explosion was heard by several persons in their homes and attributed to other causes until informed of the phenomenon.