Boise - A number of people called our newsroom, e-mailed us, and were talking about it on Twitter.

A meteor streaked across the night sky-- lighting it up as if it were daytime.

The phone was ringing off the hook at Ada County dispatch and the Boise Airport as well.

Some viewers described it as the biggest thing they have ever seen-- with a long flame trailing behind it.
"At first I saw a little bright light, it was yellow, after about five to ten seconds it turned into a giant green fireball that was probably about the size of the moon. It was pretty amazing." said James Callahan. "It did scare me, luckily there were no other cars around me, because it did stop me dead on the road right there."
One person saw it from the WalMart parking lot on Glenwood and said it lit up the entire sky.

KSL, our NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, reported the ground shaking as it zipped through, one viewer claiming it even shook his outside door open.

Ward Riley was driving when a friend called him to ask if he had seen the meteor.
"When the meteor went over, some lights in Twin Falls went out. A friend of mine was driving through Mountain Home at the same time and he said he noticed some of the light-censored street lights went out." said Ward Riley. "It was so bright, at first I thought maybe the wind hit a transformer and exploded it but it was a lot brighter than that. It was like the morning sun had just come up over the hill."
Riley said both of them noticed several light-censored street lamps turn off in Twin Falls and Mountain Home because the flash was so bright.

An expert says the earth is passing the Leonid Meteor Shower, which is one of the most spectacular meteor showers that can be seen each year.

The meteor was seen as far north as Wyoming, and as far west as California and south into Colorado.

February of 2008 was the last time there was a meteor sighting in the Treasure Valley.