Date of Sighting: August 30, 2009
Time of Sighting: 12:50 AM PDT
Location of Sighting: Yakima, Washington


We just saw something falling from the sky in Yakima, Washington. At 12:50 AM my mom, my boyfriend and myself were outside in her front yard looking through our telescope at planets. He was bent down adjusting the lens and my mom and I were looking at the skies. All of a sudden - out of nowhere - something fell from the skies just a couple miles from us. We live in a nice neighborhood and didn't want to take off racing after it so we just stood there screaming out about how shocked we were at this sudden sighting. Normally, we would think it was a falling star except it was not white. It was on fire and it was smoking.

It had a long green trail behind it. You could see green and red flames trailing flames behind it. To me, it looked liked a meteor crashing, but my boyfriend thought it might be a falling satellite or a small plane crashing. We never actually heard a crash. There was no noise. If you hold a dinner plate out against the sky, that was the size of the object and it had 30 to 40 feet of flames behind it.

Could it be a crashed UFO? It seemed controlled by the way it was being steered. The sighting lasted around 20 seconds. I didn't have my camera on me this time! It was mid fast. It was obviously on fire. It trailed an almost straight line not like an arc like a shooting star. I am going to watch the news. Could you keep me informed if anyone else reports this?

Additional Report (In Response to Questions):

It was headed north to south. We lost sight at the roof of a house on the south side (of our home). On the same note my mom and I drove around looking for this "meterorite" which is exactly what I thought it was, but stumbled upon something else very strange (20 minutes after the sighting).

I am reviewing the pictures right now and will send them tomorrow if there is anything to it. I want to go the same location tonight (of possible landed object) to make sure before submitting a formal report. I am not sure if it is even related to the "meteor". I can submit the pictures anyway (within this e-mail) if you'd like.


This sure sounds like a meteorite. However, no other reports have been received. A check of the local media in the Yakima has not revealed any other sightings. Anyone who viewed this object or has seen "landing or crash debris" in the Yakima area is urged to file a report.