Posted: May 17, 2009

Date of Sighting: 11th May 2009
Time: 22.15

Witness Statement: On way home from Blaydon to Gateshead, myself and my partner saw this heading from south to north-ish, it was Bright white with a luminous green trail. At approx 10:15pm, we were on the A1 western bypass on the south bound Carridge Way just past the metro center near to the Dunston Slip Road when we saw it.

My partner said "Ohh look a shooting star" and when i looked i said" thats way to close and big to be a shooting star", i recon it be about the size of a small car at a hight no higher than the police helicopter when out on a job, and it was moving extreamly fast, way faster than any plane i know of that flys over the city.

At first reaction I thought it was falling to the ground by the angle I saw it at. But after getting home and checking on a map the direction we were traveling and location, I realised it was traveling level.

I did report this to the police, whom must have thought I was completely mad or on some sort of narcotic substance. I was totally shook up by this at the thought of it being a aeroplane crashing into the city. Good job it wasn't.

Anyways I emailed Alan Robson on metro radio who read the email out and seemed to get quite a number of responses from it. One listener said it was some sort of silent rocket, as it made no sound. Also on Facebook some one in Alnwick wrote they heard what sounded to be a aeroplane about to crash, but they didn't see anything, this was within a few mins of myself seeing it.

Approx 11:15pm the police came for a statement and said they had not had any more reports as of then.