Posted: May 7, 2009

Date of Sighting: 12th April 2009
Time Approx: 22.50
Witness: Marion and John

Witness Statement: We just spotted a ufo. We live in Barrhead. It was about 22:50 pm and I thought it was a ball of fire in the sky and told my daughter to look out and see it too. Then I called my husband upstairs to see it too and my son. It was bobbing about the sky then it went away up high to the stars. So after a bit of shock, we went about our business, then my husband shouted look the massive bright light was above the hill in my street and it looked like a red shield was above it. Then it went across the sky and faded up as before, there was no noise and nothing like we had ever seen before, the sky was so clear and it just seemed to go back into the stars its movement was like no airplane or helicopter? So strange?

We have pictures but not clear my husband went out to the garden, it was bright red/orange in the sky and seemed big like a street light appears in brightness.

UK UFO Update:

Here is one of the photos sent in by Marion with a cropped enlargement:

Scotland ufo
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