The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli intelligence - Mossad - have infiltrated Muslim organizations like Hamas in Palestine, Hizbullah in Lebanon and the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) in Indonesia, says an Indonesian intelligence expert.

"It is clear that the CIA and the Mossad have infiltrated such organizations and have done much more than that," Sayed Abdullah, who operates an intelligence services firm in the Indonesian island of Maluku's, told

He asserted that the spy agencies "demonstrated their capacity to control these organizations with the murdering of two Hamas leaders in a month and that is enough to understand what they are up to."

Abdelaziz Rantissi, Hamas new leader in the Gaza Strip, was assassinated late Saturday, April 17, in an Israeli air strike.

This came less than a month after an Israeli strike helicopter fired three missiles at 67-year-old wheelchair-bound Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin after performing the dawn prayers in a mosque near his home, killing him and at least eight others.

"It is obvious the CIA and the Mossad, assisted by the Australian Special Action Police (SAP) and the M15 of England, are all working towards undermining Muslim organizations in an attempt to weaken the Muslims globally," he charged.

Sayed said that the assassination of Rantissi was planned and done with the intent to hurt the Palestinian resistance movement and the Palestinians.

He asserted that the Israelis would not have carried out such an act if they were not certain of the aftermath of this attack.

"They know, for a certain reason, that they have control of the Hamas now and they are now forcing the organization underground which will eventually make it difficult for the Hamas to press on with Intifada.

"The Hamas leaders must come to accept the fact that however sophisticated the weaponry, the enemy needs moles, spies from within the organization to undermine it and they can also rest assured that the enemy knows who the Hamas leader in Gaza is at this moment," he said.

Several Hamas leaders have vehemently repudiated claims that the resistance movement has been successfully penetrated by the Israeli enemy.

They admitted, however, that Israeli moles remain a cancer eating away at the Palestinian body.

"It is difficult to believe but this is how it works for the enemies of the Muslims in Palestine and elsewhere. Their intelligence is working day and night to break down any resistance groups around the world, including those in Palestine and indeed in other Muslim countries too," opined the Indonesian expert.

Same Old Story

Sayed Abdullah said that in the Maluku's, where hundreds if not thousands were killed, it was clear and obvious that western powers were behind the rioting and murder campaigns against Muslims.

"The aim in the Maluku's was to cut the Spice Islands away from Indonesia and create a non-Muslim nation right in the middle of the largest Muslim country on earth. This failed because the Mujahideen were right there to stop them."

He added that it was the Mujahideen who blew up a vessel carrying 350 Dutch, Australian and American mercenaries who wanted to disembark on the Maluku's at the very start of the conflict between Muslims and Christians there.

The expert argued that the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) has been infiltrated.

"The TNI was ineffective at the start of the conflict and later on turned against the Muslims who were in fact defending themselves against hordes of Christian warmongers attacking villages, burning down mosques and killing the males while they were raping and kidnapping the Muslim women," he said.

"This is how they infiltrated the alleged Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) in Indonesia," Sayed Abdullah said.

He argued that the Bali bombing in 2002 was "an operation clearly financed and assisted by the CIA and Mossad, made use of Muslims to carry out the final act.

"Those Muslims were not innocent since they took the bait handed over by the CIA and the Mossad to bomb Bali and to avenge against the U.S. war on the Muslims in Afghanistan."

The Indonesian expert argued said that "to achieve this, the CIA used one of its operatives, Omar Al-Faruq, an Arab living in the U.S. who speaks Arabic and knows a little about Islam and who was sent to Indonesia to infiltrate the so called terrorist groups.

He said that Al-Faruq initially infiltrated the Laskar Jihad, a group of Muslim volunteers fighting for the safeguard of the Maluku's during the conflict of the Island.

When the Laskar was winded down by its leader, Al-Faruq was sent to join the Mujahideen Council of Indonesia (MMI), created and headed by jailed Indonesian Islamic leader Abu Bakar Basyir, added Sayed Abdullah.

"After he failed to be a member of the MMI and failed to get to Basyir, he decided to work on the followers of Basyir. It is then that he came into contact with some of the Bali bombers and this is how the whole Bali operation was conducted," according to the Indonesian intelligence expert.

He claimed that Australia, the U.S. and even Taiwan knew that Bali was to be bombed but they did nothing about it.

Al-Faruq was arrested in 2002 by Indonesian police and sent to Washington upon request by the CIA.

He was said to be undergoing interrogation but was never sent to Guantanamo, Cuba where the U.S. keeps most of its terror suspects.

"This also goes for the murder of the two Hamas leaders. The U.S. and surely Britain knew of the attacks and even helped in it. Hence these nations with their intelligence are doing what they feel is best for their own interests," Sayed Abdullah added.