Numerous people reported seeing a big orange fireball with a green trail falling out of the sky in Palm Beach County on Thursday at about 5 p.m.

"It looked like a falling star," said Cindy Abath, who was traveling on Congress Avenue.

Chad Alvarez said he had just finished surfing Thursday evening on Palm Beach and saw the fireball stream through the sky.

"It looked kind of like a firework, but it was coming down from the sky and it was a really beautiful color," he said. "It was like an aqua-iridescent orangeish color. It was really beautiful. It was a color I've really never seen before."

Hundreds reported seeing the fireball heading east over Palm Beach County.

"I just looked at it, I know this can't be no star falling out the sky like this here," a resident said. "It was something different. I was looking for it to hit the ground and explode or something."

A Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman said she was being told the object was a meteor from a shower.

"It sounds like a bolide," said Elizabeth Dashiell with the South Florida Science Museum.

Dashiell said bolides are usually only visible at night but can be seen in daylight when they burn through the atmosphere.

Alvarez said he knows he's lucky to have seen the bolide.

"No, I won't forget it," he said. "It's something you see, and I think it stays with you a while or a long time."

Anyone with pictures of the object is asked to send them to