A spokesman with the U.S. Geological Society says a "boom and shake" felt in the Bloomfield area on Tuesday evening was not related to earthquake activity.

The Greene County Daily World received a call from a female caller about 6 p.m. Tuesday, who inquired if there were any reports of an earthquake in the area north Bloomfield. She said there was a boom and some shaking felt.

An initial check with the U.S. Geological Society -- the agency that tracks earthquake activity -- showed there was no earthquake activity in any region of the state of Indiana on Tuesday.

A follow-up call on Wednesday morning, confirmed the earlier determination that the shaking was probably caused by something other than seismic activity.

Randy Baldwin, a geophysicist with U.S. Geological Society's Earthquake Center in Colorado, said, "I've been sitting here all night and there was nothing in that region. I don't see anything. It could have been a sonic boom."

A real-time map showing current seismic activity can be accessed by clicking on the following link.