The source of bright lights, an Earth tremor and loud explosion in Central Australia remain a mystery for now.

Northern Territory police say a meteorite landing is a possibility.

Residents at the remote Wallace Rockhole community west of Alice Springs say they heard a loud explosion and felt the ground shake last night.

Others reported seeing spectacular lights.

Mick Tickner from the Apatula Community Store, south of Alice Springs, was one of them.

"I'm an ex-navy man and a little bit superstitious so I ran into the internet and put my lotto on." he said.

Alice Springs police went to the community to investigate but did not find anything.

They say there were no overdue planes and have ruled out an aviation accident

Police are now waiting on information about seismic activity.

Meanwhile, Geoscience Australia says it does not have enough information to draw a conclusion, but hopes to have an answer next week when it collects data from monitoring stations.