A Winsford man had an unwelcome visitor on Sunday night in the form of a small meteorite.

Graham Brooks, 37, a heavy goods vehicle fitter, lives at his mother Christine's house at Railway Cottages in Rilshaw Lane.

He was sitting at home looking at wedding magazines with his partner Karen at around 10.30pm when he heard a loud bang outside.

When the couple went to see what had happened, they found a pile of stones and soil up against their caravan in the back garden and a small golf-ball sized hole in the ground leaving bits of silver fragments around it.

Graham said: "It felt like a gas cylinder exploded or something and there was a very loud bang."

The incident was believed to have been caused by a small meteorite hitting the ground that caused soil and stones to make dents in the caravan.

Graham added: "I've never seen or heard anything like it before.

"If it had been three feet closer then it would have come through the skylight in the roof and hit us.

"It was as loud as a gunshot and the neighbours were gobsmacked.

"I was very shocked by the incident and we're supposed to be getting married in September as well."

Graham spoke to Terry O' Brian, who works for Manchester Museum, who asked Graham to post the bits to him for analysis but believes it might have been a meteorite from Graham's description.

It is estimated to have caused around ยฃ1,000 worth of damage to the caravan.

Graham and his partner Karen are currently speaking with their insurance company to see if they are covered.