A woman spotted a UFO in the skies above Flintshire, in the latest in a string of bizarre sightings around the region.

Lisa Tinsdeall-Hughes, 36, of Bryn Awelon, Buckley, claims she saw an orange orb, which looked like a "ball of fire", in the sky above her home late on Friday night.

The sighting is eerily similar to others in the area, including one last Christmas Day where Harry Hughes saw five orange orbs in the sky above his house in Mynydd Isa.

His description of the unexplained objects matched that of Leigh and Lynn Williams, of Borras, Wrexham, who caught sight of several strange orange orbs in the sky in July. The couple managed to take pictures and these were posted on the Evening Leader website, prompting a flood of further similar sightings.

Lisa said: "I was watching TV on Friday night when all of a sudden I saw a strange orange object out of the corner of my eye.

"I looked out of my window and saw what looked like an orange ball of fire.

"It was quite big, about three or four metres wide, and it was travelling up into the sky, circling around getting higher and higher.

"Eventually it got so high and it just looked like a star.

"I was stood outside watching it for about 15 minutes and there was no noise at all - it was completely silent.

"I was just thinking 'what on earth is that?' I've never seen anything like it before.

"I really don't know what it was but it could have been a UFO."

Immediately afterwards Lisa ran to the bedroom and woke her husband up.

She said: "I told him something amazing had just happened and he asked me why I hadn't woken him up.

"I said I wasn't going mad and I hadn't been drinking or anything like that.

"I know from reading in the paper that there had been a few sightings like the one in Mynydd Isa recently, and it sounds just like that."

Following the sighting of orange orbs in Mynydd Isa on Christmas Day, further reports of strange activity in the sky flooded in from around the region.

David Clark, of Elwy Close, Bryn y Baal, agreed with Mr Hughes' description of the strange objects.

He said: "It is absolutely true what he says. There were three very bright lights which suddenly separated and one looked like it shot straight up at high speed."

Similar sightings were reported in Mold, Chester, Sandycroft and Broughton.

John Smith and Mike Jones, of Sychdyn, both say they saw two orange lights on New Year's Day.

The first sighting of the orange orbs came from Leigh and Lynn Williams, of Borras, Wrexham, in July of last year, and explanations offered have included "UFO balloons" and Chinese lanterns.