Concerned citizens reported to Ynet about loud sounds of explosions in the area of Central District. Some feared it was an earthquake, although Geophysical Institute refuted this possibility. Later this day IDF responded that it is probably a sonic boom.

Several loud explosions were heard at the afternoon in Central District area. IDF responded that apparently those were sonic booms, and the matter is under investigation. They added that during their activity, IAF makes all the possible effort to avoid interfering with citizens' quality of life.

Not long after 16:00, Ynet was flooded with "red email" reports from concerned readers. Many readers from the Central District reported extremely loud noises and strong tremors.

According to the readers' reports, there were three sounds of explosions, with small interval between them. Some of the readers reported that they felt the earth trembling, although Geophysical Institute refuted any possibility of an earthquake.

Jonathan, resident of Ashkelon, told that two explosion sounds were clearly heard above his house in the north part of the city. "It was a very strong boom, and the house was trembling. At first I thought that it was a bomb and immediately went outside to see what's happening, but couldn't see a thing.

Other reader reported about "two explosions at 16:05, with interval of two minutes that shook the street. They sounded from the distance and caused car alarms to go off.

Or-Yehuda resident reported that three loud booms were heard and caused light tremor. In Kiriat Ono people reported that booms shook the houses.

During the last years there were several cases of sonic booms caused by IAF flights above Israeli sky.

IAF used to cause sonic booms above Gaza. At 2005, organization "Doctors for Human Rights" submitted petition to the high court against this practice, claiming that those booms cause significant damage to the civilian population and children in Gaza. The court claimed in return that this practice has an operational importance and can't be renounced.