An explosion from a bomb-rigged car rocked Beirut's seafront Wednesday, killing an anti-Syrian lawmaker. Parliamentary Deputy Walid Eido, his son Khaled, and two bodyguards were killed, along with 6 others.

Comment: It appears to be yet another False Flag operation trying to frame Syria and thus justify a war on Syria. What better way than to assassinate lawmakers critical of Syra, which then in then in the minds of everyone implies that Syria did it.

Do you think the Syrians are that stupid? Shooting themselves in the foot again and again?

A total of ten people were killed, 10 were injured.

The body of a woman, covered in blood, was seen being pulled away from the seen by local residents. She was screaming in agony. Another man was being carried away as police sealed off the area, which is near an amusement park and a military club.

The bomb-laden car was a Mitsubishi Pajero sport utility vehicle. The bomb blast was eerily similar to the massive blast that killed Hariri in February 2005. A coincidence perhaps, but the vehicle used to carry the explosives for the Hariri assassination was also a Mitsubishi.

Comment: The way that Hariri was killed had all the hallmarks of a Mossad killing.

Al-Moustaqbal Movement MP Walid Edo, his son Khaled, two body guards were among the 10 casualties reported. Eido, 65, was the seventh opponent of Damascus to be killed in two years in this conflict-ridden country.

The location of the blast was between the Sporting Club and Long Beach Club swimming facilities. The explosion rocked surrounding neighborhoods, shattered windows of apartments in the area, knocked down walls and scattered debris on top of parked cars.

The explosion caused by a bomb in a car shot a massive flame up from the wreckage as fire fighters tried to combat the blaze and prevent it from spreading to dozens of vehicles parked nearby.

The bomb attack targeted an area usually crowded by beach, about 200 meters south of the Lebanese Army's heavily guarded main swimming club (Hammam al 3askary).

Lebanon's famous seaside amusement park has incurred serious damage, and appears to be totally destroyed.

It was the sixth blast to hit Beirut and the surrounding areas in less than four weeks. Two people have been killed in the five previous blasts, all caused by bombs. Lebanese troops are engaged in battle with Islamic militants in a Palestinian refugee camp in the northern part of the country.