It's May 26th, Memorial Day weekend. Normally, there'd be kids playing on this playground right about now, but instead it's windy, cold, and there's snow on the ground.

It's an unusual way to start your day, at least at this time of year. The snow is already disappearing, but the cleanup is just beginning. This storm wasn't messing around.

"It started early. Heavy rain, heavy rain. 1:30, snow started blowing, turned to sleet, and everything started crashing," explains Eddie Weeks.

Wally Keller adds, "I got up about 5:00 then, and everything was white. It was really heavy, wet snow."

All the extra weight downed plenty of branches which is creating quite a headache for the power company. No outages were reported in Center, but chock that up to luck. There are plenty of teetering wires that were close to breaking. And the trees didn't just fall on power lines.

"Looks like my propane tank is bent some, and the rain gutter is torn down there part way, and I don't know about my pickup," says Helen Berger.

Sure, a lot of people are cleaning up today, probably not too happy about it, but hey, at least one family had a sense of humor. Really, a snow man in May?

"It's crazy," exclaims Mark Schutt. "One day, we got a tornado and heat stroke the other day, and now we got snow on the ground."

"Pretty much unbelievable," says Kerry Schatz. "We're Memorial Day weekend, and we had four inches of wet, sloppy snow, and this should be like two months ago."

Luckily, most of the damage was relatively minor. There are no reports of any major injuries or accidents in Center. Unfortunately, many people will now have to spend their Memorial Day weekends doing manual labor and cleanup.