A homeless hermit who enjoys a million-dollar view from his camp perched on the cliffs overlooking Sydney's Bondi Beach was granted a reprieve Tuesday when the local council dropped plans to evict him.

Jhiymy Mhiyles, dubbed the "Bondi caveman" by local media, has been living on the cliffs near Australia's most famous strip of sand for seven years, feeding seagulls, reciting poetry but mostly keeping himself to himself.

However, Waverley Council began eviction proceedings earlier this year after complaints from residents in the exclusive suburb, where houses can sell for more than 10 million US dollars.

The move sparked a campaign to let Mhiyles stay in his oceanfront hideaway, including an online petition that attracted hundreds of signatures.

The council said Tuesday that it had decided Mhiyles could stay, provided he abide by a set of "house rules" including no open fires, keeping his area tidy and managing waste in a hygienic manner.

"Waverley Council has decided not to evict Jhiymy Mhiyles at this stage from the cliffs at Marks Park, Bondi," the council said in a statement.

The online petition was full of messages of support for Mhiyles, who calls himself Jimmy "two hats".

"Good on you Jimmy, too many bloody rules and rule makers," wrote a petitioner called Brendan Brady, while another named Scott said "I have to support you, mystical caveman! You're living my dream-life in my dream-house."