It's like voicevertising, but quieter.

A couple of years ago, we posted a link to Floyd's eBay auction, which offered his exclusive VoiceVertising services. The high bidder was Halls Fruit Breezers. Millions of PR impressions ensued (more or less).

Years later, a quieter, more reflective Floyd has emerged. And he's willing to train his thoughts on your brand.

What do you think about ThoughtVertising?
From eBay:

For the first time in advertising history, brand owners are offered the opportunity to buy media space within someone's mind.

"How?" I will think of your brand every hour,on the hour for a period of a week

"Ridiculous!" How do I know you're really going to do it?"

1. I am an industry professional with 10 years of experience with Cunning Communications, at the forefront of advertising innovation. As a result, I maintain an honest approach to business. Business, as in life, ultimately relies on trust and I believe I have earned that trust.

2. I'm genuinely interested to know what will happen as a result of such a regimented exposure to a brand idea. It's a kind of meditation based on a brand and its values. I think this experiment may help me to gain further insights into brands and the workings of their personalities.

3. I will if requested, undergo a lie-detector test to validate my claim.
The starting bid is $10,000. Think it over.