A pensioner dubbed the "original neighbour from hell" has been jailed for six months.

Dorothy Evans - who said she was a witch and threatened to cast spells on her victims - will serve a minimum of three months before being freed.

The 81-year-old was jailed today for harassment and six breaches of her Asbo.

Judge Roderick Denyer QC said the punishment was reduced because of her age.

He said: "In spite of your age and infirmities, over a period of 10 years you made life a misery for your neighbours."

Evans had a string of previous convictions involving neighbourhood disputes: four for harassment and eight for breaching a restraining order, between 1999 and 2005.

She was given the Asbo in May 2005, prohibiting her from causing alarm, harassment or distress to neighbours in Park Crescent or anyone in Gwent.

But she breached the order several times, calling Mrs Casa a prostitute and telling her husband to go back to Italy.

Evans told the couple's 13-year-old daughter that she was a witch and would cast a spell on the family.

And she displayed photographs of their home in her garage window along with a piece of paper with the word "scum" written on it.

Evans also drew a white chalk mark around Mrs Casa's car, while she was sitting in it outside her home, and swore at her through the car window before hitting her with her stick.

As well as being jailed, the judge ordered that the Asbo should continue.