Free the Chippendales Eight! A Texas prosecutor has decided not to press charges against a cadre of male adult dancers who were busted earlier this month at a Lubbock sports bar for dancing suggestively in front of 1100 female fans.

The dancers, wearing tight leather pants and boxer shorts, were popped after they began gyrating and thrusting pelvises in a manner meant to cause "sexual gratification," according to police, whose Special Operations Unit shut down the performance at Jake's Sports Café. But while cops booked the dancers on a misdemeanor charge of violating the state's adult cabaret law, the Lubbock County District Attorney's office declined to prosecute the eight perfomers.

Three other men--a Chippendales manager, a show promoter, and the bar manager--were also arrested after the abbreviated February 16 performance. They, too, will not be prosecuted. On the following pages you'll find Lubbock Police Department mug shots of the unjustly accused beefcake and the management trio. The dancers are reportedly considering whether to sue Lubbock authorities over the dirty dancing arrests.

EQUAL RIGHTS: Usually, it's the female dancers being led away in cuffs.