A hit Israeli TV show starring celebrity spoon-bender Uri Geller has come under fire from magicians for being full of "tricks and stunts".

The self-proclaimed paranormalist is looking for others with his "powers" on Uri Geller Looks for a Successor.

But Israeli magician Eliron Toby said the show "damaged" those who wanted to believe in Geller and Dandi Asraf said there were "no supernatural powers".

Israeli-born Geller said the programme did not involve sleight of hand.

The participants did have supernatural powers capable of performing marvels, he told the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency.

'Mysterious' powers

"I am not a magician and have never been one," Geller said. "I keep my powers mysterious."

Asraf said the prime-time show was "entertaining".

"But obviously everything is tricks and stunts. There are no supernatural powers. There is no magic - it does not exist in this world."

Toby said he was sad "that such a man has for so many years been able to fool so many people.

"He contradicts the saying that you can't fool all of the people all the time.

"The Successor has damaged those people who want to believe that Geller can heal or help them."

'Just entertainment'

The Israeli Society for Magicians is expected to meet to discuss the show.

The society's president Dalia Peled said: "The society hopes and believes the public understands that this is an entertainment programme and that the acts performed in the show are not done so with the help of supernatural powers."

Geller said the controversy had only served to boost his show.

"The cynics and magicians who have come out against me have done a great job worth millions," he said.

"It has made Uri Geller more mysterious and has created a mystical aura around me."