On Tuesday (UK Time), it was reported that an English couple is facing a council investigation into their smoking habits-- not in public, but rather in their own home.

The couple, Jeanette Gordon-Crawley, 54, and her husband Gavin, 51, are under investigation by their local council after their next-door neighbor complained that she can smell their cigarette smoke all the way from their house to her living room.

It is being investigated as an "alleged odor nuisance". The couple received a letter from the Gwynedd County Council which says

"Your neighbour alleges that cigarette smoke is permeating into her living room from your property. To enable further investigation into the matter I would like to visit your property to discuss the matter further."

It's short because the story is currently developing-- I'll post updates if/when they become available but I have to say I need to see more details on the case before I pass judgment on it. I am a non-smoker but I don't believe that people should have to give up smoking in their own homes.. but I find it weird that she can smell their cigarette smoke all the way in her own living room.. so yeah.. more details as they become available.