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Mon, 05 Dec 2022
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Nina Teicholz: The latest study on red meat & heart disease a red herring

red meat TMAO
A new study out of Tufts University led to a multitude of fresh headlines that meat increases the risk of heart disease. It would seem that the danger of meat is now a foregone conclusion, but this paper, like so many others, is marred by significant scientific missteps and financial conflicts of interest, including a drug-development program at the Cleveland Clinic, funded in part by Procter & Gamble.

On scientific grounds alone, the paper is less-than convincing: Its findings are based on a low-quality type of data that, on the whole, can only show associations, not cause-and-effect relationships. What's more, the associations reported are tiny: 1.15 for unprocessed red meat, 1.22 for total meat, and 1.18 for all animal foods. These numbers are close to 1 (= zero risk), and they're all well below the threshold for ruling out other possible explanations for the observed results.

Further, the study blames a metabolite called TMAO (trimethylamine N-oxide) for red meat's apparent harms, but the food that most boosts TMAO is not red meat, but fish!

Comment: The fact that The ScienceTM has so quickly switched from the saturated-fat-and-cholesterol-clog-your-arteries myth to the TMAO myth should make the real game all-too obvious. They're not interested in the truth. Their entire goal is to get you to stop eating meat.

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Vaccine deaths outnumber Covid deaths in U.S. households, two new polls confirm

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Covid's Last Stop
Polls of the U.S. public continue to show that up to twice as many Americans have lost a household member to a Covid vaccine injury as have lost one to Covid.

The pooled results of five surveys of the American public, now totaling over 2,500 people, show that while 4.4% of respondents reported that someone in their household had died from COVID-19, 8.9% said someone had died as a result of Covid vaccination.

The results also showed that 8.6% said they had been injured by their vaccination, 4.9% that they had sought medical help and 3.2% that they had been hospitalised, while 3.6% said that as a result of vaccination they were no longer able to work a full day or at all. These are percentages of all respondents. If we look only at the 74.0% vaccinated with at least one dose then the figures, as a proportion of vaccinated persons, are 11.7% injured, 6.7% needing medical help, 4.4% hospitalised and 4.8% unable to work. While these figures are self-reported and there is no control group, since the unvaccinated were not asked about adverse events, they are still alarmingly high.

The results also showed that, among those who reported a Covid death in their household, more than twice as many reported that it occurred after the person was vaccinated than before (2.8% vs 1.2%). The proportion who said they had contracted Covid before their vaccination (13.1%) was very similar to the proportion who said they contracted it afterwards (11.7%). These figures are not indicative of a highly effective vaccine against either infection or death.

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Turbo-Cancer: A doctor speaks out about aggressive tumors associated with Covid vaccination

Dr. Ute Kruger

Dr. Ute Kruger
We have a problem.

This is written in honor of a dear family friend who pulled through her recent cancer with flying colors.

I hate the title of this post, but there was no other title for this post. We're at the point where information is coming through fast and furious, and while that helps push us to that tipping point we're all working towards, it comes with so much pain and suffering.

Chief of Pathology

Dr. Ute Kruger is a researcher and senior physician at Lunds University in Sweden. She's the Chief of Pathology, a field that she's worked in for the last 25 years, with a specialty in breast cancer diagnosis for the past 18 years. She's studied thousands of autopsies and breast cancer samples. She's extremely familiar with the industry and patient age, tumor size, and malignancy grade are all within her field of expertise and have had a natural rhythm throughout her career. That natural rhythm came to a halt in 2021 once the vaccine rollout began.


UK Government publishes indisputable evidence that the vaccines are killing people in the thousands: Mortality rates are lowest among the unvaccinated

boris vaccine mortality
We finally have indisputable evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines are deadly and killing people in the thousands, and it has been quietly published by the UK Government whilst they had you distracted by the resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and the resulting leadership contest between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak to replace him.

An official report published by the UK Government confirms the mortality rates per 100,000 are the lowest among the unvaccinated population in every single age group in England. And the data reveals the gap between the unvaccinated and vaccinated population in terms of mortality rates is widening by the month.

This has resulted in the partly vaccinated, double vaccinated, and triple vaccinated populations being more likely to die of any single cause than the unvaccinated population among all age groups in England as of May 2022, the most recent month with data made available by the UK Government.

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Data doesn't lie: mRNA-vaccines and correlation to all-cause mortality

marlies dekkers
During my recent travel to Holland, Marlies Dekkers of the De Nieuwe Wereld Podcast interviewed Dr. Theo Schetters and myself. That video, made for a Dutch audience, is currently up (for now) on youtube, but it unlikely to remain on that platform. Therefore, I have also downloaded and posted it here because I believe that the subject matter which Theo and I covered in this interview is important. The data and analysis which Theo discloses is quite likely to be disregarded by corporate media, and also likely to be censored by the big tech giants Meta/Facebook, Google/Alphabet, and Twitter. But that does not mean that it does not deserve to be disclosed and discussed. Theo is a very serious, well trained, responsible virologist, immunologist and vaccine expert. He highly respected in the Netherlands, and has had the courage required to seek AND report truth during these difficult times.

I have taken excepts from the podcast transcript (leaving comments intact) from the last portion of the interview below.

Background: Dr. Theo Schetters obtained a PhD in Medicine from Nijmegen University in the Netherlands, and received a visiting scientist award from the Royal Society (London) to work on malaria immunology at the National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill, London (UK). From 1988 to 2014 he worked at Intervet International (Boxmeer, The Netherlands) where he developed a vaccine against coccidiosis in chickens (Nobilis® Cox ATM) and a vaccine against Babesia infections in dogs (Nobivac® Piro). He is inventor of an improved vaccine formulation against diseases associated with Rhipicephalus ticks. Presently, he is director of ProtActivity, a company that focuses on vaccine development against ticks and tick-borne protozoal infections. In 2004 he received the Medal of Honour of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Montpellier 1 in France and was bestowed Professeur Invité as recognition for his contribution to longstanding collaborative research with the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology of the University (head Prof. Andre Gorenflot). He is an editorial board member of "Veterinary Parasitology, Trials in Vaccinology" (Elseviers Science Publishers) and "Parasitology" (Cambridge University Press).

Dr. Schetters is an exceptional, gifted, and highly respected vaccinologist - let us hope his warnings will not be ignored by his government and world health leaders.


Polio detected in wastewater of New York City suburb, shares genetic links to virus in Israel and the UK

© Getty
Health officials say the polio virus was present in a New York City suburb's wastewater a month before a case was detected in July,

The case - the first in the US since 2013 - was found in an unnamed patient in Rockland County.

Officials say no new cases have been identified, and it is not yet clear whether it is actively spreading.

Polio was largely eradicated from the US by a vaccination campaign that began in 1955.

According to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the presence of polio in the community's wastewater suggests there may be others who are shedding the virus in their stool.

Comment: It's notable that back in 2019 a new oral polio vaccine, backed by the Gates Foundation, was approved, despite bypassing key clinical trials, and this happened amidst reports that outbreaks caused by these 'vaccines' had overtaken wild polio outbreaks.

See also: Mysterious hepatitis outbreak in children linked to adeno-associated virus - adenovirus is used as a vector in a number of Covid vaccines

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Planet saving fake-meat burger fails

Shitter Burger
© Beyond Meat
So everyone "believes in climate change", but they apparently don't want to buy the fake-meat that is going to save us from storms, floods and droughts. It's another mystery of post-modern life that's solved by assuming that people say "Yes" to meaningless poll questions but "No thanks" to propaganda.

No one really believes their burger will stop cyclones in ninety years time.
McDonald's Ends Testing McPlant Burger, Adding Pressure on Beyond Meat Stock

By Naveen Athrappully, Epoch Times

McDonald's announced that it has concluded the U.S. trial of its McPlant burger, which is made with the plant-based protein manufactured by Beyond Meat (BYND).

In November 2021, McDonald's began testing the meat-free burger in eight restaurants across America. In February this year, the company introduced the McPlant burger at around 600 locations. According to third-party reports, the experiment ended as a failure. In a recent note, according to CNBC, JP Morgan analyst Ken Goldman cited employees from McDonald's revealing that the burger did not sell well enough.
This is a complicated way of saying "nobody wants to buy our product":
During the first-quarter earnings call in May, Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown explained that the company is finding it difficult to pass on rising costs to customers. "You see all these new entrants coming in, and many of them are using price as a way to try to capture early market share," Brown said, according to the earnings call transcript published at The Motley Fool.

"And so while the animal protein industry has been able to substantially increase pricing to essentially offset significant reductions in volume, in our sector, we have not had the opportunity to do that."
Meat costs were rising too, but customers were willing to pay.

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Objective:Health - In The News: Alzheimer's Research Faked, Dutch Farmers Protest Green Agenda, Your Pee is Pollution

O:H header
Welcome to another episode of In The News, where we look through the latest health headlines and bring you the O:H take.

On this episode we talk about a once considered groundbreaking Alzheimer's study that's been found to be fraudulent and has been misdirecting further research for the past 16 years.

We also talk about the Netherlands where farmers are protesting the government's ridiculous attempts to being in harmful Green-Agenda policies that will cost farmer's their livelihoods and threaten food security for the country and Europe.

We also look at more Green propaganda, as Scientific American tries to tell us that too much protein in the diet makes our urine a "problem pollutant." We take this as an opportunity to debunk the "too much protein" myth and show how this is yet another piece of propaganda trying to convince you to give up eating meat.

Join us for all of this and more on this episode of Objective:Health!

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College basketball player, 20, drops dead from 'cardiac event'

Warhawk Nation mourns the loss of Derek Gray,
© John Fisher / Getty Images
A basketball player for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater passed away this week after suffering a "cardiac event" while at a summer basketball practice.

"Warhawk Nation mourns the loss of Derek Gray, a student-athlete on the Warhawk men's basketball team, who passed away unexpectedly on July 24th, 2022, playing the game he loved," the school's athletic department said in a statement.

"It was a cardiac event," UW-Whitewater Men's Basketball Coach Pat Miller told local media. "He had a blockage."

Comment: Another young athlete sadly passes away. What was once an extremely rare occurrence now seems to be happening all the more frequently. See also:


The Netherlands: Higher vaccine uptake, higher mortality

vaccine uptake mortality
During the past few months, indications of a positive correlation between all-cause mortality and Covid vaccines has been growing. To demonstrate the existence of this correlation it is however crucial to be able to compare the rate of mortality and the vaccine uptake within a relatively homogenic population.

This is what Dutch researcher André Redetti has now done. He compares mortality rate and vaccine uptake between municipalities in the Netherlands and finds no mortality-reducing effect from vaccination.

Instead he finds a statistically significant positive correlation between vaccine uptake and mortality.

The period in question is week 35-52, 2021. As the graph shows there is a strong correlation, i.e., a higher vaccine uptake in a municipality is correlated with a higher death rate. The full analysis is not yet peer reviewed, but it is available on Researchgate.