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This year could be warmest on record in eastern Arctic

This year could be the warmest on record since climate monitoring in the Arctic Ocean began, a meteorological official said Tuesday.

"This year, the water is unusually warm in the Arctic Ocean and the summer ice has significantly declined, and is further to the north than usual with only one-year ice present. The ice, due to the influence of warm air and water, has been greatly reduced," Sergei Balyasnikov, the press secretary of the Russian hydrometeorological service's Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, said.

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Gifted research parrot Alex found dead

A gifted parrot that could count to six, identify colors and even express frustration with repetitive scientific trials has died after 30 years of helping researchers better understand the avian brain.

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Farmers in Virginia and Maryland Growing Desperate For Rain

St. Mary's County farmer Tommy Bowles has been pumping water to his pumpkin patch and corn maze to prepare for pre-Halloween crowds. But he can't afford to irrigate all his crops, and the corn, soybeans and wheat are suffering in the heat and bone-dry soil.

"This is about the worst drought I've seen since I've been in farming -- and I've been farming for 33 years," Bowles, 52, said. "We just haven't really had any rain at all."

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15 dead in Nepal floods, landslides

Landslides and floods triggered by torrential rains in Nepal have killed at least 15 people in the last three days, officials said Sunday.

"Five bodies were recovered Sunday morning after they were swept away by a flooding river in Rautahat late Saturday," local official Durga Prasad Bhandari told AFP from Rautahat district, 80 kilometres (50 miles) south of Kathmandu.

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Record-breaking rainfall pounds Oklahoma City

Heavy rainfall pounded south Oklahoma City early Monday, causing flash flooding and shattering an 82-year-old daily rainfall record in less than one hour.

By 8:30 a.m. Monday, 6.28 inches of rain had fallen at Will Rogers World Airport since midnight, including 2.73 inches between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m., according to the National Weather Service. The previous record for rainfall in a 24-hour period at the site was 2.4 inches in 1925.

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Freak snow in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic

After an unusually warm summer, Europe saw autumn coming directly with a massive snow fall. In Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, people were taken by surprise on Thursday morning, waking to see mountains covered in snow.

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Flash floods strike Northern Thailand

The worst floods of the year caught the people of Loei and Phetchabun off guard while they slept yesterday.

Pre-dawn forest run-off from Huai Dong Thip and Huai Nam Pung in the mountains of Loei's Dan Sai district roared into Nam Pung village at 3am yesterday, destroying three houses.

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Villagers look at the spot where three houses used to stand near Dong Thip River in Loei's Dan Sai district.

One house with a family of three was swept away. Local officials retrieved the body of Somyupin Seechamuk seven kilometres from a broken bridge and later found her 10-year-old son's body, but her husband was still missing.

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The amazing pictures that show autumn has come early in the UK

After a dreary summer of endless showers and muddy fields, autumn has arrived early with a welcome flourish of red and yellow.

Although the season does not traditionally start until the equinox in another fortnight, some trees have already taken on a warm, coppery hue.

And with experts forecasting a relatively dry autumn with below average wind, the leaves are likely stay on long enough for people to enjoy them.

Four-year-old Ameilia Mykinley kicks her way through the leaves on her way to school with mum Louise.

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Flashback Harvest time in UK as 'confused' fruit think it's autumn

Summer may have only just started after weeks of rain - but fruit falling from trees suggest autumn is already here.

Experts believe the unpredictable weather may lead to the shortest summer on record for fruit growers.

The warm early spring and recent deluges are the factors behind berries in hedgerows and mushrooms springing up in the fields.

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Over one million hit by fresh floods in India, Bangladesh

More than one million people have been evacuated or stranded as rivers in northeastern India and Bangladesh rose to alarming levels and submerged vast swathes of countryside, officials said Monday.

In India's Assam state, the army helped shift an estimated 800,000 people as the Brahmaputra river and its tributaries -- swollen by monsoon rains -- breached their embankments late Sunday.


A further 300,000 people further downstream in Bangladesh were displaced or marooned, most of them for the second time in as many months, officials said.