Macomb County, Mich.l -- A Macomb County man caught an 18-inch pacu, a relative of the piranha fish in Lake St. Clair.

Toby Davison. 43, of St. Clair Shores, is a longtime fisherman.

"On the line, I knew it wasn't normal," Davison told the Macomb County Daily. "It was really fighting against the metal."

He packed the fish on ice and took it to the Department of Natural Resources office at South River Road and Jefferson in Harrison Township, the paper reported.

"They told me I caught a piranha and then they said, 'Congratulations, because you will probably never catch something like this again,'" said Davison, who works for a lawn care service.

DNR staff said the fish probably came from an aquarium in someone's home and was tossed into the lake, which is illegal.

Davison said he will keep the pacu frozen until he can get the money to pay for it to be mounted.