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Neo-Nazi ex-MP Irina Farion shot dead in Ukraine

Irina Farion dead ukraine neo nazi
© Global Look Press / Keystone Press Agency / Anastasiia SmolienkoFormer Verkhovna Rada deputy Irina Farion (Svoboda) was shot doad in Lviv, Ukraine, July 18, 2024
Outspoken Ukrainian ultranationalist and former MP, Irina Farion, has been fatally shot outside her home in the western city of Lviv, according to local media.

Farion, 60, was a member of the Verkhovna Rada from 2012-2014, and was best known for hard-line Russophobic positions. She was attacked on Friday evening on the street outside her home.

"There was a shot to the temple. The shooter was seen by the neighbors, he was wearing gloves and the weapon did not have a silencer," local journalist Marta Olyarnik said in a Facebook post.

Farion was rushed to a local hospital. One local Telegram channel reported she was in critical condition, while city councilman Igor Zinkevich described her condition as "serious."

Several hours later, however, Lviv Mayor Andrey Sadovoy confirmed that she succumbed to her injuries.

Comment: Are ordinary citizens starting to turn on their radical leaders, or was this incident an inter-party hit? The fabric of Ukrainian politics is fracturing amid the growing realization that the war they were led into by the West is being lost. It's logical that anatical hardliners such as Farion would be the first targets.


Senator blasts 'national embarrassment' as Biden ends Gaza floating pier mission

© CentcomUS pier removal from Gaza
It's official: Biden's $230+ Gaza humanitarian pier has been permanently dismantled after it spent more time out of commission than in actual operation. The Pentagon has tried to pass it off dubiously as 'mission accomplished' - despite an avalanche of criticism including from sitting Senators and House members heaped on the problem-prone project.

Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, Deputy Commander of US Central Command (CENTCOM), announced at the end of this week:
"The maritime storage mission involving the pier is complete, so there's no more need to use the pier, particularly because we're able to implement a more sustaining pathway, to Ashdod. Our assessment is that the temporary pier has achieved its intended effect to surge a very high volume of aid into Gaza and ensure that aid reaches the civilians in Gaza in a quick manner."
The pier faced frequent shutdowns amid tumultuous Mediterranean seas, and at one point in the early summer actually broke apart, with pieces having drifted onto an Israeli beach further north.

The statement confirmed that the unit which oversaw the pier's construction and operations - Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore, or JLOTS - will soon deploy back to the United States.

Comment: The Gaza pier was a publicity stunt as far as effectiveness, and a joke regarding construction.
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Children raped at US migrant shelters - Justice Department

child in car
© Brandon Bell/Getty ImagesA migrant child sits in the back of a border patrol vehicle after being apprehended by US Customs and Border protection officers
Ruby, Arizona • June 24, 2024
A "social justice" nonprofit allegedly looked the other way while its workers abused children for eight years.

Staff at a nonprofit organization responsible for housing thousands of underage migrants inflicted "severe" sexual abuse upon the kids in their care, according to a lawsuit filed by the US Justice Department on Thursday.

"Multiple" employees at facilities operated by Southwest Key took part in the abuse, the Justice Department stated in a press release. The "severe or pervasive" abuse included "sexual contact and inappropriate touching, solicitation of sex acts, solicitation of nude photos, entreaties for inappropriate relationships and sexual comments," the statement claimed.

The sex crimes allegedly took place between 2015 and 2023, while Southwest Key earned billions of dollars in government contracts to house unaccompanied minors caught crossing the US-Mexico border illegally.

The company, which operates 29 shelters in Texas, Arizona, and California, "took insufficient action to prevent sexual harassment of the children in its care," the statement continued. In some cases, it claimed, children were discouraged from reporting sexual harassment and threatened if they spoke up about the abuse.

Comment: The innocent pay the price for Biden's policies. The country pays the price for whom (it is told) it 'elects'.


Americans betting against Biden

Joe Biden
© Mario Tama/Getty ImagesFile photo: US President Joe Biden at the 115th NAACP National Convention, July 16, 2024.
The odds of Joe Biden dropping out of the US presidential race reached as high as 84% on Friday, according to the predictive betting site Polymarket.

The 81-year-old incumbent president has been quarantined at his Delaware home since Wednesday, after testing positive for Covid-19. Calls for him to make way for another Democrat have grown louder since last Saturday's attempted assassination of his Republican rival Donald Trump.

"His soul-searching is actually happening, I know that for a fact," Reuters reported on Friday, citing a source within the Biden campaign. "He's thinking about this very seriously."

Polymarket had Biden's odds of dropping out at 19% ahead of the June 27 debate. They have since spiked to 84%, but leveled out at around 70% as of Friday afternoon.

The betting site also put Trump's chances of winning the November election at 66%. Vice President Kamala Harris, the most likely Democrat to replace Biden at the top of the ticket, was at only 18%.


Journalist fined for 'body-shaming' Meloni

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni
© Antonio Masiello/Getty ImageItalian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni
A Milan court has ruled that journalist Giulia Cortese must pay €5,000 ($5,465) in damages to Italy's Giorgia Meloni over an online insult about her height. The judge said the comments on X (formerly Twitter) were "defamatory" in nature and "body-shamed" the Italian prime minister.

Cortese was also given a second suspended fine of €1,200 and can appeal the ruling.

The case dates to October 2021, when Cortese posted a mocked-up photo of Meloni with a picture of the late fascist leader Benito Mussolini in the background. The politician, who was then in opposition, confronted the journalist online over the picture. The reporter replied with a string of messages, one of which said: "You don't scare me, Giorgia Meloni. After all, you're only 1.2 meters (4 feet) tall. I can't even see you."

In a post on Facebook, Meloni wrote at the time that "this falsified photo is of unique gravity." She added that she had "already instructed my lawyer to take legal action against this despicable hoax."

While the judge eventually concluded that the Mussolini post did not violate the law, the court ruled in Meloni's favor concerning Cortese's comments on her stature.

Comment: Seems like the only thing shorter than Meloni is her temper.

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Leftists prove they are zealots in the wake of Trump shooting

Thomas Matthew Crooks, Trump assassin
The response by a large portion of the political left to the attempted assassination of Donald Trump has revealed a disturbing ideological madness - A dedication to lies and delusions that goes deep into the realm of zealotry. It's something that thousands of commentators have warned about over the years. The general public has long denied the claim as being "reactionary" and many thought conservatives were exaggerating. Recent events prove otherwise.

What else would you expect from the same group of people that can't define what a woman is? The same people that think sexualized drag performances and graphically sexual picture books are a good idea for young children in public schools? The same people that engaged in years of violent rioting because of the death of a hardcore criminal and fentanyl addict who happened to be black? The same people that supported medical authoritarianism and mass censorship during the covid pandemic? The same people that claimed "stagflation was transitory"? The people that bought into the Russiagate hoax, refused to believe that Hunter Biden's laptop was real and denied Joe Biden's steep cognitive decline?

This zealotry continues to be exposed through their response to the attempted assassination of Donal Trump. The narrative in the media is that now is the time for "cool heads" and calm, yet, at the same time they are working diligently to peddle the conspiracy that the plot was staged by Trump himself.

Comment: Those claiming it was staged by Trump and those expressing regret that the shooter missed are empty shells of human beings. Walking corpses animated only by their love for Big Brother.

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Van Jones says excitement at RNC feels like 'Obama 2008': 'There's something happening'

Milwaukee, RNC 2024, Republican National Convention 2024
© APVan Jones noted that the Republicans have made strong steps forward this election cycle.
Former Barack Obama adviser Van Jones argued Thursday that the energy at this week's Republican National Convention was comparable to what he saw when the nation's first black president was first nominated in 2008.

Jones, now a CNN senior political commentator, talked about the palpable "spirit" and enthusiasm he could feel among the people at the RNC.

After CNN contributor Scott Jennings spoke with excitement about wrestler Hulk Hogan, UFC head Dana White and former President Donald Trump's upcoming speeches at the RNC, Jones said, "This spirit that this guy [Jennings] has, you guys think it's because he's drunk, he's not, this whole thing is like this."

"The last time I was at a convention that felt like this was Obama 2008. There's something happening," he said.

One of his fellow panelists joked that Jones "wrote a headline" with that statement.

Earlier in the evening, Jones commented on the former president enduring a litany of challenges before standing ready to receive the Republican nomination.

"Dreams become nightmares and nightmares become dreams. You're watching a nightmare become a dream for Donald Trump," Jones said. "He has had a nightmarish summer with, you know, convictions and indictments and all kinds of stuff, almost got shot. It's becoming a dream for him."

Comment: These people see how hard the Deep State has tried in every way to keep Trump out and now that he seemingly has a mandate from heaven there seems to be nothing stopping them. It only natural then that so many within the party would be jubilant. We must, therefore, be prepared for even more blatantly nefarious schemes to stop Trump.


Nine secret service failures that nearly led to former President Donald Trump being assassinated

trump after shooting
© AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Former President Donald Trump was nearly assassinated a week ago, as he spoke at a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Saturday in what is seen as the largest Secret Service failure in four decades.

The bottom line is the agency in charge of protecting Trump failed to stop the shooter, 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, from positioning himself less than 500 feet away and firing eight bullets at the former president, one coming mere millimeters from taking his life.

There are multiple investigations underway, but so far, very few answers. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle is due to testify to the House Oversight Committee on Monday.

Here are nine major Secret Service security failures we know of so far that need to be addressed:


"The Contronymal Circus" - Caged in Oligarchic Contradictions

A contronym is a word having two definitions that contradict each other. Two examples are the word bolt, which can mean to lock with a bolt and to flee, and clip, which means to attach and to detach.

There are many such words and there is also a system of thought based on them. It has no name except for the one I give it here, admittedly an awkward one: The Contronymal Circus. Like words that are their own antonyms, this system of thought confuses and traps, as it is meant to do.

Language is of course slippery and equivocal, with words often connoting multiple meanings. But language is also conditioned by history; even my phrasing it that way is an example of using words in a loose and sloppy way, for "history" doesn't exist and can't do anything, people make history, use and shape words for their own designs, even as language then uses them as well.

To say I am making a moot point is an example of my point: Is it arguable or irrelevant to consider? Is that clear?

Comment: From Lewis Carrol:
"I don't know what you mean by 'glory,' " Alice said.
Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. "Of course you don't — till I tell you. I meant 'there's a nice knock-down argument for you!' "
"But 'glory' doesn't mean 'a nice knock-down argument'," Alice objected.
"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less."
"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."
"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master — that's all."

— Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll


Putting Ukraine first is 'a middle finger in the face' of Americans - Tucker Carlson

© Leon Neal / Getty Images
The political elites in Washington, DC are making a point to not pursue policies that the American public wants, journalist and conservative political commenter Tucker Carlson has said.

The former Fox News host blasted the lack of responsiveness of the American political system to the will of the people at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Thursday. He praised former President Donald Trump, the party's nominee, for being the opposite of standard politicians.

In the US capital, lawmakers can be seen "stepping over the prostrate bodies of their fellow citizens ODing on drugs to go cast votes to send money to some foreign country," Carlson said. Prioritizing Ukraine's needs, for example, over those of Americans is "too much actually. It's too insulting. It's a middle finger in the face of every American. It's a very clear statement, which is unmistakable."