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We are seeing a digital coup d'etat

There was a time. What seemed to be unfolding was a huge intellectual error for the history books. A new virus had come along and everyone was freaking out and smashing all normal social functioning.

The excuse turns out just to be the cover story. Still, it bears examination.

Even though plenty of outside commentators said the pathogen should be handled in the normal way - with known treatment and calm while those most susceptible stayed cautious until endemicity - some people on the inside fell prey to a great fallacy. They had come to believe computer models over known realities. They thought that you could separate everyone, drive down infections, and then the virus would die out.

This was never a plausible scenario, as anyone who knew something about the history of pandemics would report. All known experience stood against this cockmamie scheme. The science was very clear and widely available: lockdowns do not work. Physical interventions in general achieve nothing.

Comment: Watch Russell Brand rail against the immense psychological pressure applied to the public to accept the Covid measures - and what the PTB is now trying to do to mitigate the news and obvious effects on those who've been coerced into taking the shot:


Ten years after Maidan: Why won't the West admit that the coup was based on a lie?

Maidan 2014
© Brendan HoffmanBerkut riot police throw stones at anti-government protesters, who are throwing rocks in return, on Independence Square on February 19, 2014 in Kiev,
This feature was first published on February 6, 2023. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the events that took place in Kiev on February 22, 2014, we are again posting it on the front page.

Political scientist Ivan Katchanovski - of the University of Ottawa - revealed last year, in a paper, that the February 2014 massacre of Ukrainian protesters by sniper fire, a defining moment of the Western-backed Maidan coup, was not published by an academic journal for "political reasons."

Evidence that external forces were involved has been suppressed for 'political reasons'

Comment: It is interesting that the West keeps claiming that Ukraine is fighting for European values for as the last paragraph shows, those values contain nothing democratic, just or fair in them. The West might be right though as European values in reality are getting closer and closer to those demonstrated in Ukraine, namely fascism and totalitarianism.

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Red Flag

Liars, liars: Nathan Wade visited DA Fani Willis' Georgia neighborhood at least 35 times

fani willis nathan wade trump fraud lovers
© ReutersFulton County DA Fani Willis and Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade
Cellphone data reveals Wade made three dozen visits to the Hapeville neighborhood where his lover Willis lived before she hired him

Fani Willis and her special prosecutor former lover Nathan Wade appeared to be having late night trysts at her apartment well before they both claim their 'romantic relationship' started, according to bombshell phone records filed with the court today.

The cellphone data reveals Wade visited the exact area where the Fulton County district attorney was renting a condo at least 35 times before their admitted affair - at least one of them before she appointed him to prosecute former president Donald Trump in her election fraud case in Georgia.

Willis admitted in a special hearing last week that her ex-lover visited her at the apartment in Atlanta's Hapeville neighborhood, but appeared to shrug off the question and did not specify when or how many times.


Google's push to lecture us on diversity goes beyond AI

google gemini ai founding father
© New York PostGoogle's Gemini AI generated image of a "Founding Father"
The future is here. And it turns out to be very, very racist.

As the New York Post reported yesterday, Google's Gemini AI image generator aims to have a lot of things. But historical accuracy is not among them.

If you ask the program to give you an image of the Founding Fathers of this country, the AI will return you images of black and Native American men signing what appears to be a version of the American Constitution.

At least that's more accurate than the images of popes thrown up. A request for an image of one of the holy fathers gives up images of — among others — a Southeast Asian woman. Who knew?

Some people are surprised by this. I'm not.



UK Russell Group Universities: Advocating for hiring based on merit is now a 'microagression'

University College London  LGBT DEI
© Russell Group UniversitiesRussell Group university, University College London
Academics say guidance on eliminating subtle forms of discrimination undermines a culture of free inquiry

Russell Group universities have told staff and students that saying "the most qualified person should get the job" is a "microaggression".

At least five universities have issued guidance or training courses on how to eliminate "microaggression", which are defined as subtle or indirect forms of discrimination.

Guidance from the University of Glasgow and the engineering department of Imperial College London states that saying "the most qualified person should get the job" is an example of a microaggression.


Judge overseeing Trump's Georgia case donated to Fani Willis campaign prior to appointment

© Alyssa Pointer/pool/AFP/GettyImagesFulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee listens during a hearing into ‘misconduct’ allegations against Georgia prosecutor Fanni Willis at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 15, 2024.
Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, who is overseeing the case against former President Donald Trump, made a small donation of $150 to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' campaign prior to his appointment.

McAfee, who was sworn in on Feb. 1, 2023 after being appointed by Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, made his donation in June 2020 while still working as an assistant U.S. Attorney for the Department of Justice (DOJ), according to financial disclosures. He will soon have to decide whether Willis should be disqualified over allegations that she financially benefited from appointing her romantic partner, Nathan Wade, to work on the Trump case.

McAfee also formerly worked under Fani Willis when she led the complex trial division in the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, according to the New York Times.

Bad Guys

Google has 'paused' its Gemini AI tool after critics blast it as 'too woke'

google gemini artificial intlligence woke images
© Frank J. Fleming/XX user Frank J. Fleming repeatedly prompted Gemini to generate images of people from white-skinned groups in history, including Vikings. Gemini gave results showing dark-skinned Vikings, including one woman.
The application generated images of Asian Nazis in 1940 Germany, Black Vikings and female medieval knights

Google is pausing its new Gemini AI tool after users blasted the image generator for being 'too woke' by replacing white historical figures with people of color.

The AI tool churned out racially diverse Vikings, knights, founding fathers, and even Nazi soldiers.

Artificial intelligence programs learn from the information available to them, and researchers have warned that AI is prone to recreate the racism, sexism, and other biases of its creators and of society at large.

In this case, Google may have overcorrected in its efforts to address discrimination, as some users fed it prompt after prompt in failed attempts to get the AI to make a picture of a white person.

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Household debt highest in nation's history

household debt
In a recent interview, Peter Schiff was featured on Real America with Dan Ball.

In analyzing the current economic landscape, Peter shared a perspective that challenges the optimistic narratives surrounding key indicators. His skepticism extends to reported job growth, which he attributes to individuals taking multiple jobs amid rising prices and stagnant paychecks. Peter also critiqued the inflation report, countering the notion of decreasing inflation by asserting that it is bottoming out and poised to intensify. He emphasized the stark contrast between official reports and the real experiences of everyday Americans, particularly underscoring the record-high levels of household debt and the government's role in exacerbating economic challenges.

Furthermore, Peter highlighted the potential repercussions of rising interest rates, predicting that instead of alleviating inflation, they would contribute to its escalation. The interview concluded with a cautionary note on government spending, as Peter advised against additional borrowing when the nation is already grappling with substantial debt.

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Maxim Yusin: Here's why Polish-Ukrainian relations are turning ugly

Poland / Ukranian border
© Getty Images / Getty Images
The rift between the neighbors is now being felt on an emotional level as old tensions begin to reemerge
Kommersant columnist Maxim Yusin reflects on the causes and consequences of the crisis in Ukraine-Poland relations

The European Commission has called on Polish security forces to ensure the transit of Ukrainian goods across the EU border. Local authorities are responsible for maintaining law and order, so Warsaw must protect the rights of passengers and the free movement of products, which are key to the supply chains of the EU's internal market, Brussels has advised. Meanwhile, farmers and truckers who have been blocking Ukrainian lorries since November are now being joined by hunters unhappy with the new Polish government's environmental policies. The farmers themselves plan to step up their protests, blocking checkpoints on the border with Ukraine as well as transport hubs and access roads to rail and sea ports.

The crisis in Ukrainian-Polish relations may seem completely illogical and paradoxical. After all, it was Warsaw that, after 24 February 2022, positioned itself as Kiev's most reliable and resolute ally in Europe, demanding the toughest measures against Moscow even when Paris and Berlin hesitated, President Macron suggested continuing the dialogue with his Russian counterpart, and Chancellor Scholz initially hoped to limit himself to supplying the Ukrainian army with 5,000 helmets.

Comment: Once people see through the lies because their daily lives are affected and they feel the impact directly, they will stand up for their survival and that of their families. The ideologies of the upper class cannot win when people feel that their lives are in danger. No wonder things are emotional here.

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Four states race to stop 'Great Taking' of all bank accounts, stocks, bonds, pensions before financial/election events

property rights
The good news is this "great taking" can be stopped at the state level. Americans don't need to count on a divided Congress to get the job done. Because the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) is state law, state lawmakers can take concrete steps to restore the property rights of their constituents and protect them in the event of a financial crisis - Ellen Brown, Diffusing the Derivatives Time Bomb: Some Proposed Solutions, Feb. 14, 2024.
Presently four relatively small states, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Delaware, are trying to stop the burning fuse of a financial bomb that could cause a legally provided raid on all stock, bond and bank account investments from its residents, businesses, and pension funds in their jurisdictions. This financial bomb is to confiscate assets for losses on purely unrelated speculative gambling bets in the Derivatives Market, not from any genuine risk hedging (as insurance) to protect those financial resources.