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Sat, 23 Jan 2021
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Mayor De Blasio's New Year's dance and the delusional politics of 2021

Below is my column in the Hill on the rise of delusional politics in America — a problem captured vividly on New Year's Eve as Mayor Bill de Blasio dancing with his wife to a virtually empty Times Square. This is not Chicago where Sinatra sang about seeing a "guy dancing with his wife." It is New York and the only one dancing seemed to be de Blasio.

We are watching as both parties seem blissfully and utterly detached from reality.

Here is the column:

At midnight at the start of the new year, if you listened hard, you could almost hear the teeth of an entire nation grinding, or at least of those watching coverage from New York as Mayor Bill de Blasio danced in a nearly empty Times Square. Millions watched as he dipped his wife in a romantic flourish to Frank Sinatra singing "New York, New York." At least Nero made his own music.

The scene drew angry rebukes. Andy Cohen said it made him feel sick. "I did not need to see that at the start of 2021. Do something with this city! Honestly, get it together!"

Comment: There is a Big difference between the righteous anger of seeing the vote stolen from Trump (and the demonization he has suffered at the hands of the mainstream media) - and the rage of the pathological and ideologically possessed that we've seen from the left in recent years.

As for "delusional politics" and the pseudo realities that they engender, we haven't read a better explanation of how this works than the following:

Psychopathy and the Origins of Totalitarianism

Mr. Potato

Congress reopens as freakshow: Democratic Rep & pastor ends opening prayer in US House with 'Amen... and Awoman'

Emanuel Cleaver
© Reuters/Scott Audette (file photo)
U.S. Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) addresses the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. July 28, 2016.
Missouri Democrat and United Methodist pastor Emanuel Cleaver has come under fire after he wrapped up his prayer in the US House by saying "amen" and "awoman" in an apparent nod to gender equality.

Cleaver (D-MO), who has represented Missouri's 5th congressional district since 2005, led a short prayer to mark the opening of the 117th Congress on Sunday. He closed off his speech, which called for unity, by saying: "We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and the god known by many different names, amen and awoman."

It did not take long for conservative commentators on social media to notice the creative wording. Some began to question Cleaver's theological credentials - the lawmaker received his master's from St. Paul's School of Theology of Kansas City - while others accused him of mocking the religion.

Comment: Clown Congress!

The whole institution really needs to just be abolished. Trump would rule fine alone.

Snow Globe

The top 10%'s bubble is about to burst

When the top 10%'s bubble pops in 2021, the loss of illusions/delusions of security and wealth will be shattering to all those who believed artifice and illusory "wealth" were real.

A great many people are living in bubbles that are about to pop. The largest bubble is the one inhabited by people who complacently believe in time travel, i.e. that the world of 2019 is about to replace the nightmare of 2020 and we can all go back to our carefree debt-funded consumption frenzy and illusions of ever-greater wealth forever and ever.

The greater one's sense of security, the more durable the bubble. Those in America's top 10% who have reaped virtually all the gains in income and wealth of the past 20 years live in a bubble that they view as unbreakable: no matter what problems arise, their personal income and wealth is secured by the government, central bank, etc.

Put another way, the top 10% are confident their position atop the wealth-power pyramid is secure no matter what happens. Any dip in stocks, bonds, real estate, bat guano futures, etc. that causes their personal wealth to decline (horrors!) will be instantly bought because the Federal Reserve will print another couple trillion dollars and funnel it into risk assets, as it has done for the past 20 years.

Comment: But the top 1% likely have a plan to escape unscathed:

The elites are already prepared and have a plan for the coming collapse of the dollar bubble

Alarm Clock

Arizona woman arrested for beating COVID-positive children because they weren't wearing masks in home

Sarah Boone
© Maricopa County Sheriff
An Arizona woman has been accused of beating her children, who were COVID-positive. The 32-year-old mother assaulted her three children because they not wearing face masks in their Wickenberg home, according to police.

Sarah Michelle Boone was arrested on Dec. 26 after she purportedly abused her three children and step-children. Police responded to a call at Boone's residence, where they were informed that the mother had "hit one child in the face, kicked a second one while he was on the floor and picked a third child up by the neck," according to the Associated Press.

The individual who called the police was one of the victims, who said Boone carried out the assault "because the children all tested positive for COVID but were not wearing masks," according to the probable cause statement, as reported by KTAR-FM.

The ages of the children were not listed in the booking documents.


Julian Assange: London court rules Wikileaks founder should not be extradited to the US

© Matt Dunham/AP
Julian Assange spent seven years in the Ecuadorian Embassy to avoid another extradition request, but has been in Belmarsh prison since 2019.
Julian Assange should not be extradited to the United States to face charges of espionage, a British court has ruled.

Delivering her decision at the Old Bailey on Monday, District Judge Vanessa Baraitser upheld many of the arguments from lawyers representing the US, but ultimately found in favour of the Wikileaks founder due to concerns over his mental health.

The 49-year-old is said to have experienced suicidal ideation while detained in London's Belmarsh prison and has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and depression.

Comment: See also:


Facebook removes 1.7 MILLION member group "Joe Biden Is Not My President" without warning — but anti-Trump "Not My President" page still up after 4 years

joe biden not my president FB group
Facebook removed the 1.7 million member "Joe Biden Is Not My President" group this weekend without warning.
This is what continues to happen to conservatives after Republican lawmakers refused to take action to preserve freedom of speech in America.

Via The Scoop:
The far-left radicals that run Facebook just deleted the 1.7 million member group 'Joe Biden IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!'.

The group's admins say they were given no warning and no explanation as to why the group, which was created on December 15th, 2020 was deleted.

The Scoop reported 3 days ago that the group had set the record for the shortest amount of time to reach 1 million members.

Comment: See also:


Georgia Judge denies request for restraining order from Stacey Abrams's Group

Stacey Abrams
© Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Stacey Abrams looks on during a campaign rally with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in Atlanta, Ga., on Dec. 15, 2020.
A federal judge in Georgia on Friday rejected a request for an order that would have barred an election integrity group from filing more challenges to voters in the state.

Fair Fight, a group that says it aims to combat voter suppression, filed a request for the order. Fair Fight was founded by failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a Democrat.

Fair Fight accused True the Vote, a group that says it aims at protecting the integrity of elections, of launching a coordinated campaign to harass and intimidate voters across Georgia.

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27 Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers urge McConnell and McCarthy to dispute PA election results for rampant fraud

Mitch McConnell
© Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images
Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) speaks to the media after the Republican's weekly senate luncheon in the US Capitol on Dec. 8, 2020 in Washington.
A group of 27 Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers on Dec. 30 penned a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), calling on them to dispute the Pennsylvania election results until an investigation is conducted into numerous claims of fraud.

Pointing to allegations of fraudulent activity and violations of election law, the lawmakers said in the letter that their effort has "nothing to do with overturning any election results, but rather ascertaining if the allegations of fraud corrupted the outcome of the vote."

Comment: See also:


RT's The Wokies: America's politicians had a busy 2020 virtue-signaling. Here are the top 10

soros and biden
© AFP / FABRICE COFFRINI; AP Photo/Noah Berger; REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/Pool
Amid the pandemic lockdowns, riots and a very controversial election, America's politicians raced to out-woke each other. From the obscure to the obvious, all listed here pledge allegiance to the flag...of critical social justice.

Here they are, starting on the local level and going all the way up to the top.

10. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey

Minneapolis, Minnesota Mayor Jacob Frey simply must be mentioned in any review of performative wokeness in 2020. After the death of George Floyd - an African-American man whose death during a botched arrest was attributed to an officer kneeling on him, rather than Covid-19 or fentanyl present in his system - rioters set a police station and the surrounding block on fire. From there, the riots spread to the neighboring St. Paul and then across America.

Frey's reaction was to take a knee and wail like a professional mourner at Floyd's funeral, as if he were best friends with the man. He also tried to join the "protesters" two days later and declare his devotion to social justice, only to be chased off by demonstrators calling on him to resign. He hasn't been heard from much since.


Pennsylvania Representative Mike Reese dies of apparent brain aneurysm

Mike Reese
© Mike Reese’s Office
Pennsylvania House Representative Mike Reese (R-Westmoreland/Somerset) has died of an apparent brain aneurysm.

Reese had recently been re-elected in the November 3 general election as Representative of Pennsylvania's 59th district, which serves parts of Westmoreland and Somerset counties.

He was first elected to the Pa. House of Representatives in 2008, taking office in the 2009-10 legislative session.

Reese served as the Pa. House Republican Caucus as caucus secretary during the 2019-20 session and was elected to serve as chairman of the caucus in the 2020-21 session.