Olena and Clintons
Olena awarded a prize by infamous pedophile Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary
After the Maidan coup, Ukraine has become a bonanza for criminals and grifters. One of the preferred ways to turn the suffering of Ukraine into money is by operating a NGO or charity in the country. A pro-western NGO will be showered with unaccountable money from it's patrons with little to no expectation of any real benefit. At their best, these NGOs serve as a conduit for western money laundering operations, but often they are a cover for something even more nefarious.

Of course, the Zelensky regime has been very active in this scheme. One of the premier NGOs in Ukraine is the Olena Zelenska Foundation, created and operated by Vladimir Zelensky's wife, Olena. Dedicated to "rebuilding the human capital of Ukraine", her foundation brings together the support of NATO governments and prominent pro-war westerners for the stated goal of helping Ukraine's children. But like so much in the bandit's paradise of post-Maidan Ukraine, this foundation may be little more than cover for a dark secret.

The Smoke

Employee’s ID
An ID posted by the driver. Source: senenews.com
Recently, a French language video was released on Youtube by an account under the name of Robert Schmidt who claims to have been a driver for the Olena Zelenska foundation. The masked driver claims to have delivered children to the home of far-right French philosopher and filmmaker Bernard-Henry Levy, who greeted them while partly undressed. While the video does not contain any ironclad evidence, these may not be idle accusations. There are worrying links between the Zelenska foundation and the world of sex trafficking.

Bernard Henry-Levy
Bernard-Henry Levy with Olena, at a foundation event. Source: zelenskafoundation.org
Bernard-Henry Levy is a figure who is fortunately not very well known inside the United States. He represents a particularly odious strain of the French bourgeoisie; he works as a sort of professional warmonger who spends most of his time justifying NATO's murderous interventions overseas.

As the neoliberal order is obsessed with rules, philosophers such as Levy are useful to them, providing them with the ethical justifications to invade countries and slaughter their people. In Ukraine, Levy and his team made documentaries as fundraisers for the Zelenska foundation lionizing the neo-Nazi Azov battalion, most notably the openly neo-Nazi leader of the defense of Azovstal, Denys Prokopenko. Levy is far more than just a propagandist, however. His deep connections to the NATO power structures mean that Levy's words can kill.

Bernard-Henry Levy
Levy on the front lines with Azov, 2020. Source: laregledujeu.org
To wit, Levy is credited as the architect of NATO's disastrous Libyan intervention. He met with the leaders of the "Arab Spring" uprising before their rebellion, and when the Salafist forces were on the ropes, Levy called in a favor from his friend Nicholas Sarkozy, the far-right Prime Minister of France, to set up a bombing campaign. A few days later, Levy personally orchestrated a meeting between the rebels and then secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The rest is history. From there, Libya was thrown into a long, brutal civil war in which millions were killed and displaced. A stable, prosperous nation with a standard of living at it's worst roughly on par with Latvia was destroyed by a cabal of imported Salafist mercenaries and replaced with open air slave markets in the streets of Tripoli.

Libya is now the nexus of a massive human trafficking operation, taking the victims of NATO's "humanitarian interventions" in the region and selling them to well heeled clients in the West and the Gulf States. Children are particularly prized, young boys go for around $400, and young girls twice that. The practice of slavery had been entirely eradicated under Gaddafi's "repressive" government, yet it returned almost immediately under NATO's "humanitarian" regime and continues unabated today.

For Levy, this is likely exactly as planned. The demolition of peaceful nations and enslavement of their people fulfills more than just his monetary desires. Like so many other far-right figures, when Bernard-Henry Levy is not defending war, he is defending pedophilia. Levy has launched multiple public campaigns to exonerate infamous pedophiles such as Roman Polanski and Gabriel Matzneff and despite his Jewish faith, he is a staunch supporter of the Catholic Church's handling of it's child sexual abuse scandals.

While the accusations surrounding Levy are at this point nothing more than smoke, the Zelenska foundation does have some provable ties to the world of Ukrainian sex trafficking through it's ties to the Clinton family and their close friend, Jeffery Epstein.

The Fire
"I will send you to Paris. You'll live there, you'll chat a little, we'll get you cleaned up. We'll make you a portfolio, I'll show your pictures to a rich man. And if he likes you, he'll give me the money to introduce you. You're going to play around with him a bit, and importantly, listen to Uncle Peter [Listerman's nickname for himself], you are not to let him have you immediately. Because if you decide to give it to him, then he has to pay more. And then, if he likes you and he decides to keep you with him, he has to pay even more. Moreover, Uncle Peter will teach you how to live."

-Peter Listermann
Clinton and Epstein
Clinton and Epstein
Since the illegal and unilateral dissolution of the Soviet Union against the will of its people in 1991, sex trafficking has been a major problem throughout the former Warsaw Pact. Interpol and the OCSE estimate that over 7 million people have been trafficked from the former Soviet Union, a toll of several hundred thousand a year. This number is likely a severe understatement, as it only considers those forcibly trafficked, while most human traffickers prefer trickery to outright force.

So many women are trafficked and enslaved that it has become almost cliché. In Turkey and Israel where many of them end up, these women are simply called "Natashas." Their real names are no longer important to their new exploiters. However, it could be much worse.

Peter Listermann refers to them as "chickens" or "tyolki," which means heifers or virgin cattle.

Peter Listermann
Listermann, right
Peter Listermann is an infamous figure inside the Ukrainian film and fashion scene, putting him into many of the same spaces as the Zelenskys. For decades, Listernann has prowled Ukraine, scouting promising young girls to be sold off to wealthy men overseas.

Listermann is one of the many gangsters responsible for the enslavement and exploitation of an entire generation of women. Listermann is a Ukrainian-born, Odessa-based gangster and sex offender who refers to himself as a "matchmaker" instead of a pimp. He scouts underage women at fashion shows and movie premiers, at first promising them modeling work before shipping them off to the highest bidder.

Far from a shadowy figure, Listermann is quite open and proud of what he does. He has done numerous interviews, maintained an active social media presence, and appears openly at entertainment and fashion events in Odessa. The predator even has his own website, which has yet to be taken down.In fact, nothing of any real consequence has happened to Listermann at all. He is now reportedly banned from several fashion shows, but he remains both a free man and a very wealthy one.

It could be that Listermann remains untouchable because his clients include some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on both sides of the old Iron Curtain. Among them are countless oligarchs and fellow gangsters, along with Bruce Willis, Robert DeNiro, an unnamed British noble, and the infamous international sex trafficker, Jefferey Epstein. At one point, Listermann claimed to have procured half of Epstein's victims. While some of this is probably an exaggeration, it can be proven that Listermann represented several of Epstein's known victims.

With Epstein comes his best friend, Bill Clinton. The former president and current pedophile's name appears in Epstein's black book and the guest book of Epstein's Zorro ranch, he has also been photographed both on the infamous "Lolita Express" and with Epstein's victims. He was even invited to dinner dates with new victims to give his friend more credibility.

The connection between the two is so deep that Epstein's madam and co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell was invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding months after being served an indictment for sex trafficking at a Clinton Foundation event. Before the wedding, Chelsea spent a week-long vacation on Ghislaine's yacht.

Clinton Ghislaine Maxwell
Clinton walking his daughter down the aisle as convicted pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell looks on
Despite this proven, publicly known connection to the sex trafficking of Ukrainian girls and women, the Clinton family remain major backers of the Olena Zelenska Foundation. Not only have they appeared at many of the foundation's events, but they even awarded Olena the Clinton Foundation's "Clinton Global Citizen Award" in 2023, supposedly in honor of her service to the Ukrainian people. When Olena launched her foundation, Hillary Clinton was one of the guests of honor at the opening gala. It would be utterly unfathomable that Olena Zlenska, a woman with access to Ukrainian police and intelligence assets, does not know of Clinton's sordid history in Ukraine. More likely, she simply does not care and is content to line her pockets with more western dollars at the expense of the Ukrainian people.

Olena and Hillary embrace
Olena and Hillary embrace
Given the ties of the Zelenska and her foundation to pedophiles and sex traffickers, specifically those inside Ukraine itself, uncomfortable questions begin to emerge as to the true nature of the Olena Zelenska Foundation. Will we ever have answers, or will this all be swept under the rug by a cowed media like the Epstein affair?