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Sun, 17 Nov 2019
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All remaining belugas from Russian 'whale jail' released into wild

Beluga whale
The operation to release hundreds of marine animals from the so-called Russian whale jail, which began in the summer, is completed as environmental experts have released the last belugas into the wild in Russia's Far East, the Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography press service said on Sunday.

"The operation to release marine mammals into the natural habitat has been completed. All remaining Beluga whales were released in the Bay of Uspeniya Lazovsky district of Primorsky Territory on Sunday November 10," the statement read.

Eighteen belugas were released from the Professor Kaganovsky vessel and 13 from the Zodiac research ship earlier on Sunday.

The spokesman for VNIRO, Alexey Smorodov, told Sputnik that despite the complexity of organizing the operation, everything went well thanks to the professionalism, colossal efforts and responsible attitude of all participants of the mission.

Oil Well

So much for sanctions: Iran finds massive new oil reserve - boosts proven supply by a third

iran oil fields

Iranian oil installation
The National Iranian Oil Company Exploration Directorate (NIOCEXP) has discovered a huge oil reserve with more than 50 billion barrels of crude, said President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday.

The workers of the National Iranian Oil Company Exploration Directorate, after years of efforts, particularly since 3 years ago, have managed to discover a giant oil field, President Rouhani said this morning, while addressing people who welcomed his visit to the desert city of Yazd in central Iran.

"I inform the White House that, in the days that you have imposed sanctions on Iran's oil exports, workers and engineers of the country have discovered 53 billion barrels of in-place oil reserves," Rouhani added.


The only thing clear about the new internet Transparency Act is that digital giants will continue manipulating their users

Social Media Giants, Transparency Act

The new 'transparency' act leaves control of what users see in the hands of Google and other digital giants.
In June, whistleblower Zach Vorhies dumped internal Google documents exposing the company's shady practices and political agenda. Rather than investigate, US lawmakers are offering Big Tech political cover and a legislative decoy.

Internal documents and secret recordings continue to make abundantly clear what many already knew and others strongly suspected about Google and other digital goliaths; that Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others manipulate their content and their users.

Stepping into the fray, Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) has boasted that his new bill - the Filter Bubble Transparency Act - is the silver bullet for bursting user information filter bubbles, the predictable information dead ends that reinforce users' pre-existing perspectives. He would have us believe that the use of personal user data by search engine algorithms is the real problem with the internet.

But this issue is the least of the problems that users face online. The bill's co-sponsors hope we've forgotten - or never knew - that Google and the rest are not the unbiased, politically neutral information sources or social media platforms that they (so poorly) pretend to be. Far from it.

Comment: The 'powers that be' in the US want to maintain control over social media to shape public perception, and as tech giants are part of the US government hydra they will be given free rein to continue their mission. The bill is more likely a ruse to placate the sheeple while nothing of substance changes.


Packed Boeing 737-800's landing gear bursts into ball of flame after touching ground in Egypt

Airlines Boeing
© Josef Vostarek / CTK / Global Look Press
A SkyUp Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
Airport maintenance staff rushed to put out a fire on a passenger plane's landing gear shortly after it arrived in Egypt.

The aircraft, belonging to Ukrainian low-cost SkyUp Airlines, had some trouble while landing in Sharm El Sheikh, a popular Red Sea resort.

Just as the plane finished taxiing on the tarmac, the landing gear on its left side suddenly burst into flames. The bright fire raged for about a minute before airport staff put it out with fire extinguishers.

Comment: See also:

Cupcake Pink

150kg of 'diamond' cocaine washes up on French beaches, locals urged against 'treasure hunting'

© Global Look Press / Bildverlag Bahnmüller
Beach and coast at Plage des Chênes Lièges, Département Landes, Atlantic Coast, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, France, Europe
Dozens of cocaine-containing packets labelled 'diamante' have washed ashore on beaches along France's Atlantic coastline, and more are likely to come, with police now warning residents against helping themselves.

Small one-pound packages wrapped in several layers of black plastic and cellophane have become a regular sight on the French Atlantic coast since late October. The 'bricks' sport 'diamante' or 'brilliante' labels, but while their contents are precious, they are not filled with gemstones - rather, with 80-90 percent pure cocaine, as several tests have shown.

The first package was discovered in Saint-Jean-de-Monts on October 18. Since then, things have escalated, with Le Parisien reporting Saturday, citing police sources, that new packages with the drug are now being discovered almost every hour.

In total, nearly 150kg (330 pounds) worth millions of dollars have been recovered on the beaches so far, including 36kg found scattered on a stretch of 10km in just one day, a find with an estimated street value of €3mn.


TV viewer prompts host to check her thyroid over suspect lump and 'saves' her career

Antoinette Lattouf

The journalist, Antoinette Lattouf, discovered that she had a huge cyst that needed urgent surgery after a viewer spotted a lump on her neck during a TV appearance and emailed the station
An Australian reporter is full of praise for a viewer whose message of concern prompted her to seek medical attention, after the journalist appeared on TV with what looked like a large lump protruding from her throat.

"Has Antoinette Lattouf had her thyroid checked? I am not being smart or trolling just concerned with what I saw on TV today," a viewer called Wendy McCoy wrote on Facebook to the 10 daily show.

Lattouf said she was initially taken aback when her editor passed on the message, particularly when it transpired McCoy isn't a doctor but was simply reminded of something a friend had suffered when she saw Lattouf on-screen. However, the journalist decided to err on the side of caution and watch back over the clip - and what she saw left her "shocked."


Groupthink and Safe Spaces hinder the growth of consciousness.

No Safe Spaces
© No Safe Spaces
"No Safe Spaces" exposes the madness of Groupthink.

In 2015, I was invited by a student-led organization at Williams College to speak on behalf of its "Uncomfortable Learning" program. I remember thinking at the time what a perfect fit it seemed. If there's one thing my work could be described as in the 21st century, it's "uncomfortable."


Alarm Clock

Assange's father faces bitter truth that his son may die in jail for revealing the truth

Richard Assange

John Shipton: "Julian may die in jail over a nine-year persecution for revealing the truth of war crimes. It is beyond obscene."
The father of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said he is worried his son will die in prison after nine years of 'persecution' for daring to reveal US 'war crimes'.

John Shipton told reporters in Geneva he visited his son in a British prison two days ago and needed to 'face the bitter truth' that he 'may die in jail'.

He said: 'This is not the bitter disappointment of a father, this is simply fact.'

Assange used WikiLeaks to publish classified military and diplomatic files in 2010 about US bombing campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq that proved embarrassing to the US government.

Since then, he has been entangled in a web of judicial proceeding and is currently fighting a US bid to extradite him from Britain on charges filed under the Espionage Act that could land him a sentence of up to 175 years in a US prison.

The 48-year-old whistleblower is being held at a top-security British prison, after police dragged him out of the Ecuadoran embassy in London in April.

He had been holed up in the embassy since 2012 to avoid an extradition order to Sweden - where he was wanted for questioning over accusations of sexual assault, which he has denied.

Mr Shipton said: 'Julian may die in jail over a nine-year persecution for revealing the truth of war crimes.

'It is beyond obscene.'

Comment: John Shipton has been warning the entire world about his son's dire condition since September: Is anyone listening?

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Paul Joseph Watson: I'm NOT eating bugs

eating bugs
Is it true? Is there actually a push from certain quarters to make the eating of insects more palatable to Westerners? And if so, why?


Women and children ordered 'like pizza' — Human trafficking in Orange County

Orange County, Calif., which boasts a median household income of $86,000, is often viewed as a relatively safe, wealthy, and conservative region. Most people do not do not equate the area with human trafficking. However, researchers reveal the county to be a destination spot for traffickers.

The official Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF), set up to fight real time sex and labor slavery in the county, released their latest victim report in 2019. Approximately 80 percent of both victims and traffickers in Orange County travel to the area from other parts of the region, the state, and the entire nation.

"This is due in part to Orange County's tourist attractions, sports venues, beach cities and affluent population," states the report (pdf). "Traffickers bring their victims expecting to have an abundance of customers and higher profits."

There were 415 human trafficking victims rescued in the county in the past two years, compared to 509 in 2015-2016 and 371 in 2013-2014. According to the OCHTTF report, a full 73 percent were new victims in 2017 or 2018. Of that total, 87 percent were trafficked in the sex trade while 12 percent were in forced labor.