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Why Delta is still canceling flights as other airlines return to normal

© Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesDelta Airlines flight cancellations • Travelers queue to speak with Delta personnel • Detroit, Michigan
Three days after a computer update problem caused more than 5,000 flight cancellations around the world in a single day, things are pretty much back to normal — except at Delta Air Lines.

Atlanta-based Delta canceled more than 1,000 more flights Monday alone, according to flight tracking service FlightAware, when counting both Delta's mainline operations and Endeavor, its regional airline that feeds its system under the Delta Connection brand.

Those 1,000 flights represented just over half of all flights canceled by airlines worldwide on Monday, and about three-quarters of the flights within, to or from the United States, as most carriers returned to normal operations. Other US airlines had 2% or fewer of their flights canceled. Monday's problems follow 1,500 flights that Delta canceled on Friday and nearly 3,000 more flights over the weekend.

The problems likely left tens of thousands of frustrated Delta customers stranded and unable to return home, many of them being booked onto a series of flights that would subsequently be canceled as well. Lack of available hotel rooms left many forced to sleep in airports and wait for hours on hold trying to get through to Delta in an often-futile effort to find a flight.

In a note to customers Sunday, Delta CEO Ed Bastian apologized for the disruptions and attributed the problem to the computer program affecting its "crew tracking" software.
"One of our crew tracking-related tools was affected and unable to effectively process the unprecedented number of changes triggered by the system shutdown. Our teams have been working around the clock to recover and restore full functionality."

Comment: A 'sign' of the times? 'Canceled'

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Evil Rays

Paris: Australian woman gang raped by 5 'African' attackers just days before Olympics start

paris rape
The Australian woman sought refuge inside the Paris kebab shop only to be confronted by one of the men who'd assaulted her minutes earlier. Bystanders are pictured speaking with the woman, who is blurred, and police
Harrowing security footage has captured the moment a visibly distressed Australian woman sought refuge inside a Paris kebab shop after being gang raped - only to be confronted by one of the men who had assaulted her minutes earlier.

French authorities have launched a major investigation into the brazen attack, which took place in the early hours of Saturday morning in the northern Pigalle district, just days before the Olympics begins.

The women had spent Friday night drinking in the bars and clubs around the Moulin Rouge cabaret before the men approached her in an unspecified location.

She told police she was set upon by a pack of five men 'of African appearance' and brutally raped at about 5am before escaping and seeking safety in the nearby Dounia kebab shop.

Comment: Earlier that day, also in Paris: Policeman attacked with knife by migrant who is then shot dead, amidst heightened security a week before Olympics

Whilst these incidents seem to be connected to weaponised mass migration - in New York rapes have spiked up to 300% in some areas - there also seems to have been an overall spike in violent crime in various regions of late:


'Killed by the woke mind virus': Elon Musk opens up about eldest son coming out as trans

Elon Musk
Billionaire Elon Musk opened up Monday about his biological son coming out as transgender, telling prominent Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson that his son was "killed by the woke mind virus."

During the discussion hosted by Peterson, the psychologist brought up Musk's recent move to pull his company's headquarters, SpaceX, from California after Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the new Assembly Bill 1955, which allows schools to refrain from notifying parents of their child's sexuality or gender identity. Musk explained his decision on the move, leading to Peterson questioning him on why he was willing to make "gender affirming care" an "issue."

"It happened to one of my older boys, where I was essentially tricked into signing documents for one of my older boys, Xavier. This was before I really had any understanding of what was going on. We had COVID going on," Musk said. "I was told Xavier might commit suicide."


Florida man arrested for Trump and Vance threats

© Scott Olson/Getty Images/KJNSuspect Michael M. Wisenman • Law enforcement officials outside of the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. Courthouse, Miami, Florida • June 13, 2023
Michael M. Wiseman was charged with writing menacing messages on Facebook which were reported by the public.

Florida police have arrested a man who made public threats to kill Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate, Ohio Senator J.D. Vance. The move comes after Trump survived an assassination attempt last week.

In a statement on Facebook on Friday, the Police Department in Jupiter, twenty miles from Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, said it had arrested Michael M. Wiseman "after an investigation found that the suspect had made written threats on social media" against both Trump and Vance, as well as their families.

Law enforcement officials said Wiseman became a person of interest after they were alerted to the threats by both online crime tips and concerned local residents. A review of the suspect's account revealed that Wiseman "had made multiple threats against Trump and Vance," the statement read.

The Jupiter Police Department added that it coordinated the investigation with US Secret Service and the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office, later taking Wiseman into custody without incident.


UK restriction on puberty blocker use has not led to suicide rise, review reveals

trans boy girl youth
© Getty
There is no evidence of a large rise in suicides in young patients attending a gender identity clinic in London, an independent review, external has found.

Professor Louis Appleby was asked by Health Secretary Wes Streeting to examine the data following claims made by campaigners of a rise in suicide rates since puberty-blocking drugs were restricted at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in 2020.

Prof Appleby's review concludes "the data do not support the claim", and he added the way the issue had been discussed on social media was "insensitive, distressing and dangerous".

Jo Maugham, founder of the Good Law Project which has led the claims, said he had "profound difficulties" with the review.

Comment: One would think the medical community would be relieved, however, as noted above, this doesn't appear to be the case, with the influential British Medical association calling to reject the Cass review findings, and some doctors trying to find a way to bypass the new legislation:

This, despite the demonstrable, detrimental effect that powerful hormone blocking drugs have on the development of children's developing brains; their fertility;bone health - to name but a few of the harms - with IQ tests showing an unprecedented impact equivalent to a traumatic brain injury - see the following thread for the details and data:

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Bad Guys

Rapes spike 11% in NYC in just 1 year, as fallout from weaponized mass migration worsens

rape new york
© New York Times
The Big Apple has seen an alarming 11% jump in rapes this year — with some sections of the city seeing their numbers more than double.

There were 880 rapes reported citywide from Jan. 1 through July 14, compared to 796 in the same period last year, NYPD stats reveal.

"This should be a wake up call," said Jane Manning, director of Women's Equal Justice."The NYPD needs to allocate more investigators to its understaffed Special Victims Unit, so that every case is investigated well and dangerous offenders are apprehended."

Comment: The following is a selection of incidents from just the past 6 months, from throughout the West, that is directly connected to the its weaponised mass migration scheme - it's perhaps no wonder that protests against this policy are becoming more vehement: Also check out the following SOTT radio show from 2017: The Truth Perspective: Weapons of Mass Migration: Interview with Michael Springmann on Europe's Migrant Crisis

Evil Rays

Samurai wielding woman savagely attacks 3 in LA; woman shoots baby at point blank range on street in Philadelphia

samurai attack
From what the deputies could understand, the woman seemed like she wanted to exhibit the sword to them

Comment: Note that these 2 incidents occurred within just the last few days - and it's likely that there are other, related stories, of note.

It remains to be seen whether this spate of seemingly random, extreme violence and cruelty, is over.

A woman wielding Samurai sword savagely murdered one person and injured two others in a brutal attack in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Investigators are still trying to identify what sparked the violence that apparently arose from a domestic dispute.

On Thursday afternoon, deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department were dispatched to a quiet street in San Dimas, where they were hailed by a woman who was covered in blood and holding a Samurai sword.

In a video taken by KTLA, she could be seen staggering along the street with the weapon in her hand. A woman was savagely murdered and two people were injured in a brutal attack with a Samurai sword in Los Angeles on Thursday Investigators are still trying to identify what sparked the violence that apparently arose from a domestic dispute

Comment: The New York Post reports:
Woman accused of shooting infant at point blank range, shouting 'f — k your baby' arrested
baby shoot
The woman who police say walked up to and opened fire on a baby and his parents at point-blank range in Philadelphia has been arrested.

The suspect will be identified once she's formally charged, the local ABC affiliate reported.

Harrowing video showed the moment the gunwoman walked up and opened fire on the 7-month-old infant and his parents outside of a home.

She shouted, "F — k your baby, b — h!" as the child's mother screamed in horror.

"My baby!" the child's mom shrieks as the baby cries out, according to the footage.


The unidentified boy was sitting in a stroller when the attacker took her shots, striking him in the leg. He survived and is in good condition, authorities said.

The parents weren't there when police arrived at the scene. A Good Samaritan brought the baby to the hospital.

The shooting took place around 5:51 p.m. Thursday in the city's Holmesburg section.

"We're very lucky that 7-month-old boy is in stable condition," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Police say the parents, who were not hurt, don't live in the area and authorities don't know why they were there.

Neighbors are glad the baby survived.

"I work with children. I'm a day care teacher, so it hits home," said Bobby DelPiano, of Northeast Philadelphia.
In recent years it has seemed as though these kinds of incidents would happen in clusters, and sometimes even within just one country, however, at the moment, it seems as though something is 'in the air' more generally - the following incidents are just from the past week or so:


'The FBI set everything up' - Victim in alleged FBI plot to kidnap Michigan Democrat Gov. Whitmer breaks silence in must-see interview!

Eric Molitor 1
© Real America’s Voice/Rumble
Eric Molitor, a victim in the alleged FBI plot to kidnap Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, broke his silence during a Trump rally held at Van Andel Arena.

Speaking with Real America's Voice reporter Ben Bergquam, Molitor claimed that the FBI orchestrated the entire plot and even duped people into participating.

"The FBI set everything up. They drove people, they paid for everything. They wrote the script," Molitor said. He alleged that Governor Whitmer herself decided the best time for the operation in collaboration with the FBI and state police.

"Governor Whitmer herself opened her scheduling book and decided with the FBI and state police when to be the best time for the daytime ride, the nighttime ride. Then they duped people into it. We even have proof of them telling people, 'Get as many people in the trucks as possible, and don't tell them what you're doing until they're already on the road.' It was 100% set up. Governor Whitmer, if they can do it to nobody like me, they will come after everybody else," Molitor added.

Comment: See also:


Historic First Baptist Dallas erupts in flames; Pastor Robert Jeffress says 'the people of God will endure'

First Baptist Dallas fire destroys church
© Twitter/William WolfeFirefighters respond to a fire at First Baptist Dallas' historic sanctuary in Dallas, Texas, on July 19, 2024.
A four-alarm fire Friday evening caused significant damage and a roof collapse to the historic sanctuary of First Baptist Dallas in Texas, an influential Southern Baptist megachurch with connections to many prominent Christian leaders.

"We continue to praise God for His hand of protection on our church," First Baptist Dallas stated in a Facebook post Friday night.

"We are grateful that no one was injured today and are thankful for the first responders who helped contain the fire to our Historic Sanctuary. They continue working but the primary fire has been extinguished. One way or another, we intend to meet for church this Sunday."

Light Saber

Mark Zuckerberg calls Trump 'badass' over reaction to assassination attempt, stops short of endorsement

© Zuffa LLC/Getty ImagesMeta CEO Mark Zuckerberg called Trump “badass” and announced plans to make Facebook less political.
Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of social-networking giant Meta - who has a net worth of $167 billion according to Forbes - applauded Trump's strength after surviving an assassination attempt at a Pennsylvania rally over the weekend that left him bleeding from the ear.

Zuckerberg said Thursday during a Bloomberg interview:
"Seeing Donald Trump get up after getting shot in the face and pump his fist in the air with the American flag is one of the most badass things I've ever seen in my life. On some level as an American, it's like hard to not get kind of emotional about that spirit and that fight, and I think that that's why a lot of people like the guy."
The praise comes despite years of bad blood between the social media titan and former president.

Comment: Friendlier Titans? We shall see how far this goes and how long it lasts.