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Sun, 25 Jul 2021
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Covid outbreak among vaccinated Vegas hospital workers underscores Delta risks

Sunrise Hospital
© Las Vegas Review-Journal
An outbreak of Covid-19 among vaccinated staff at a Las Vegas hospital has highlighted the risks posed by the Delta variant in the US, as Nevada struggles with rising Covid cases and stagnating vaccination rates.

Eleven workers at the Sunrise hospital and medical center, only one of whom was unvaccinated, tested positive for coronavirus after attending a party in early June, hospital officials confirmed to the Guardian. None of the workers infected were hospitalized, nor were there any fatalities.

Sunrise's CEO, Todd P Sklamberg, said in a statement.:
"The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed that 11 of our colleagues at Sunrise Hospital tested positive for the Covid-19 Delta variant. All who tested positive are doing well and have returned to work. We want to acknowledge our colleagues recognized their own symptoms (similar to allergies or the common cold) and chose to get tested. There were no exposures to our patients as our staff complies with all PPE guidelines, masking at all times and wearing face shields with all patient encounters."
The outbreak, first reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, emerged amid growing concern in the US about the Delta variant, which is now the dominant variant in this country. Because the Delta variant is highly transmissible, authorities have said it's all the more important for unvaccinated people to get their shots, both for personal immunity and to prevent spreading Covid-19 to others.

Comment: The article just claimed that only one of the positive Delta-tested workers was unvaccinated.

Comment: Stop meddling with Mother Nature! Get out of the way and let the virus do its job of providing herd immunity.
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Shock poll: Two in three Southern Republicans want to secede from the United States

Confederate flag holder
© Saul Loeb/Getty Images
A shocking YouGov poll found that 66% of Republicans in southern states want to secede from the United States.

The survey, by YouGov in conjunction with BrightLineWatch, looked at the current political climate in America. The most stunning question concerned support or opposition for the state in which respondents lived in "seceding from the United States to join a new union with [list of states in new union]?"

Five prospective new unions were constructed (by region)
"and inserted the relevant states for respondents into the question wording above. For example, a participant from California in our survey would be asked about joining a new union along with Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Alaska."
These sets are provided below:
Pacific: California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Alaska
Mountain: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico
South: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee
Heartland: Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska
Northeast: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia
secession map USA


Google fined €500m by France's antitrust watchdog over copyright

Isabelle de Silva
© Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters
Isabelle de Silva, head of France’s competition authority
France's antitrust watchdog has fined Google €500m (£428m) for failing to comply with the regulator's orders on how to conduct talks with the country's news publishers in a row over copyright.

The fine comes amid international pressure on online platforms such as Google and Facebook to share more revenue with news outlets.

The US tech group must come up with proposals within the next two months on how it would compensate news agencies and other publishers for the use of their news. If it does not do that, the company would face additional fines of up to €900,000 a day.

Google said it was very disappointed with the decision but would comply.
"Our objective remains the same: we want to turn the page with a definitive agreement. We will take the French Competition Authority's feedback into consideration and adapt our offers.

"We have acted in good faith throughout the entire process. The fine ignores our efforts to reach an agreement, and the reality of how news works on our platforms."
News publishers APIG, SEPM and AFP accuse the tech company of having failed to hold talks in good faith with them to find common ground for the remuneration of news content online, under a recent EU directive that creates so-called "neighbouring rights".

Comment: For a self-designated global information gatekeeper, money will buy you anything.


Will someone think of the sharks! Shark advocates call for rebranding violent attacks as 'interactions'

© Getty Images/iStockphoto
Who's attacking whom here?

Marine experts and advocates in Australia are urging the public to refrain from using the word "attack" in reference to sharks, declaring that the majestic predatory fish has been unfairly stigmatized as a deliberate killer.

Instead, officials have suggested that violent run-ins with sharks be dubbed with more neutral words — such as "interactions."

Others have suggested swapping the word with the terms "negative encounter," "incident" or simply "bites," the Sydney Morning Herald recently reported.

" 'Shark attack' is a lie," said University of Sydney language researcher Christopher Pepin-Neff, who argued that a majority of what people call "attacks" are merely nips and minor injuries from smaller sharks.


The Approaching Storm - The Unvaccinated and the 'New Normals'

Approaching Storm
© Licensed through Adobe Stock
So, it looks like GloboCap isn't going to be happy until they have fomented the widespread social unrest — or de facto global civil war — that they need as a pretext to lock in the new pathologized totalitarianism and remake whatever remains of society into a global pseudo-medicalized police state, or that appears to where we're headed currently. We appear to be heading there at breakneck speed.

I don't have a crystal ball or anything, but I'm expecting things to get rather ugly this Autumn, and probably even uglier in the foreseeable future.

Yes, friends, a storm is coming. It has been coming for the last 16 months. And GloboCap is steering right into it.

I, and many others like me, have been tracking its relentless advance like a self-appointed International Pathologized-Totalitarian Hurricane Center (you know, like the one in Miami, except all the meteorologists are "conspiracy theorists"). We have documented all the propaganda, the lies, the manipulation of statistics, the abrogation of constitutional rights, the New Normal goon squads, the corporate censorship, and all the rest of the roll-out of the new official ideology and the totalitarian measures deployed to enforce it.

Our efforts have not been in vain, but they have not been successful enough to change the course events are now taking ... a course of events that has always been clear, a course that every totalitarian movement needs to take to get where it's going. You can't remake entire societies into quasi-totalitarian systems without civil unrest, chaos, rioting, war, or some other form of cataclysm.

Brainwashing the masses is all fine and good, but, at some point, you need to goad the people who are resisting your new totalitarian "reality" into getting unruly, so you can crack down on them, and transform them into official enemies, which appears to be what is happening currently.

GloboCap is dialing up the totalitarianism, and they are rubbing it in our faces.


South Africans brace for new wave of 'devastating' riots after ex-president Zuma jailed: 'We don't know where to run'

looting south africa durban zuma
© Rogan Ward/Reuters
Looters in Durban, South Africa, July 14, 2021.
Locals are preparing for the worst, after a wave of mass rioting and looting swept across South Africa, following the arrest of its former president. The military has been deployed to help police maintain order.

Rioters ran wild, ransacking large shopping malls and smaller businesses, emptying out ATMs, and setting buildings on fire.

As the wave of mayhem died down, residents formed cleaning crews and security watch teams to deal with the aftermath of what South African President Cyril Ramaphosa described as one of the worst instances of violence since the apartheid regime ended in the early 1990s.

Comment: Troops have finally deployed in an attempt to restore order, as the death toll rises to 117:
A cabinet minister has said that the number of troops on the ground in South Africa to subdue violence and looting stemming from the sentencing of former president Jacob Zuma has reached 10,000.

Speaking on Thursday evening in a televised news conference, Acting Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni said she was pleased with the reports that Gauteng province was "largely calm" and that there had been fewer incidents over the past 24 hours.
paramilitary patrol south africa rioting zuma
© REUTERS/Sumaya Hisham
Members of the military patrol through the streets of Alexandra township as the country deploys the army to quell unrest linked to the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma, in Johannesburg, South Africa, July 15, 2021.
Gauteng, which includes the Highveld cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg and is home to a quarter of the country's population, has only experienced six reported incidents of violence and looting during the past day, according to Ntshavheni.

She said this was because of the targeted deployment of troops and police in unrest hotspots. "By this morning, 10,000 boots were already on the ground, which is an increment of 5,000 from yesterday morning," Ntshavheni added.

The minister said that a total of 725 people had been arrested in Gauteng, and there had been 26 deaths during the unrest in the region alone.

Ntshavheni said the situation in Kwazulu-Natal remains "volatile" but there were movements towards stability. More than 1,000 people have been arrested in the eastern province and 91 have died during the unrest.

On Wednesday, Defense Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula insisted the country was not in a state of emergency despite the violence and looting triggered by Zuma's imprisonment.


Critical Race Theory and Intelligent Design: New York Magazine's Sarah Jones is confused

New York Magazine headquarters building
© David Shankbone
HQ of New York Magazine
"In form, the fight over critical race theory in schools resembles earlier panics over the teaching of intelligent design and its cousin creationism," observes Sarah Jones in a recent article for New York Magazine's online Intelligencer website.

I found myself doing a double-take after reading that sentence. Does Jones really mean to suggest that those creating a "panic" over critical race theory (CRT) are like the dogmatic Darwinists who tried to create a "panic" over the teaching of intelligent design?

Bear with Me as I Explain

In her article, Jones essentially argues that worries about critical race theory have been ginned up by conservative provocateurs who play fast and loose with the facts. In her view, critical race theory is simply an effort to teach historical reality, and those attacking it are unfairly manufacturing a crisis over it.


FBI badly bungled sexual abuse case against USA Gymnastics doc Nassar: watchdog

larry nassar
© Reuters
Larry Nassar, a former team USA Gymnastics doctor.
The US Department of Justice issued a report Wednesday lambasting the FBI's handling of their probe into the former US Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar, who sexually abused hundreds of young athletes over the course of decades.

The DOJ's inspector general Michael Horowitz wrote in the 119-page report the FBI's Indianapolis field office mishandled the sexual abuse allegations from the very beginning and top brass at the office violated ethics rules and made false statements during the probe.

The long-awaited watchdog report said the FBI didn't treat the case with the "utmost seriousness and urgency" it deserved while the FBI acquiesced the conduct was "inexcusable and a discredit" to the country's premier law enforcement agency.

Comment: See also:


Sydney's lockdown extended for another two weeks as restrictions fail to bring down Covid infections

Sydney, Australia, lockdown July 2021
© REUTERS/Loren Elliott
The Australian authorities have elected to extend a lockdown in the country's largest city as the infection tally from the latest outbreak nears 900 and initial restrictions fail to deliver the intended impact.

Speaking on Wednesday, New South Wales State Premier Gladys Berejiklian said it would be necessary to extend restrictions in Sydney until at least July 30, and the lockdown would not be removed until the number of new cases was close to zero. The country's most populous city has been under lockdown since June 26.

Comment: So, they went from the "stay at home and save lives" to "aiming to zero cases" which they determine by PCR tests that are not designed to diagnose an actual infection. It is just another lame excuse of the PTB to keep people under pressure, in fear, and continue to impose totalitarian rule.

"It always hurts to say this, but we need to extend the lockdown for at least a further two weeks," Berejiklian said, adding "we want to get out of this lockdown as soon as we can, and that is why we have the settings in place that we have."

Comment: Let's do some simple math.

In 2017 New South Wales had a total population of 7.81 million people. The same year 2,420 people died from cancer. That is 0.031% of the population.

In 2020 New South Wales has a total population of 8.092 million people. Since this so-called "pandemic" started, the state has officially registered 56 deaths from Covid-19, including all deaths that were not actually caused by Covid but are counted as ones regardless. The mortality rate is 0.0007%.

New South Wales has 44 times higher mortality rate from cancer than from the Covid virus.

Have we seen them panicking about that and advising people how to live a healthier lifestyle to avoid cancer?

This is a good example of their hypocrisy, double standards, and a good way to see through their lies and see that the "pandemic" is in fact a manufactured and planned operation.

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"Woke coke" - UK drug dealers peddling 'ethically sourced' cocaine

woke cocaine
Megacorporations are profiting from being "woke," and now the black market is following suit. Drug dealers in the UK are marking up cocaine prices for "ethically sourced cocaine."

According to Daily Mirror, so-called "woke coke" is a hot commodity in the UK, selling for $300 per gram, more than four times the average versus street prices.

UK drug policy expert Neil Woods said drug dealers had touted woke coke as ethically sourced cocaine from Colombia. He adds there's no way cocaine is "eco-friendly" and is just a sales ploy to increase profits.

Colombian aid worker Bibiana Villota said she's outraged by UK dealers claiming their cocaine is ethically sourced.