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Sun, 05 Jul 2020
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Protesters try to silence black tour guide defending Lincoln statue in DC & chase away journalist: 'Get out of our city!'

posobiec Lincoln Park protesters
© Reuters / Leah Millis
Protesters tell journalist Jack Posobiec to get out of the Lincoln Park in Washington, DC, US, June 26, 2020
Conservative commenter Jack Posobiec has been harassed, branded a Nazi and chased away by a crowd of protesters, who had gathered in Washington, DC, dead set to tear down a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Posobiec attended Friday's demonstration calling for the removal of the Emancipation Monument in DC, live-streaming the event to followers online. But once spotted in the crowd, the pundit was surrounded by hostile activists, who demanded he leave the protest.

Footage of the encounter shared on social media shows demonstrators getting physical with Posobiec, with one helmeted activist apparently trying to steal his cell phone as he was escorted away from Lincoln Park. At some point, he was also doused with an unknown liquid.


Ex-Formula One chief says 'in many cases, black people are more racist than white people'; but he also praises black driver's campaign against racism

Bernie Eccleston
Bernie Eccleston
The former head of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone, has claimed "in many cases, black people are more racist than what white people are", in a CNN interview in which he discussed the topic of racism in sports.

Eighty-nine-year-old Ecclestone, British business magnate and ex-chief of The Formula One Group, made the claim during an interview with CNN, going on to reference an incident in which six-time world champion and the sport's only black driver Lewis Hamilton was taunted by a mob of fans wearing 'blackface' makeup in Spain in 2008.

Billionaire Ecclestone praised Hamilton as "special" and as "doing a great job" in speaking out on racism, but went on to say he was "surprised" the incident in Spain even concerned the now-35-year-old.

Lewis is a little bit special," Ecclestone told CNN Sport's Amanda Davies. "First, he's very, very, very talented as a driver and he seems to be now extremely talented when's he standing up and can make speeches.

"This last campaign he's doing for black people is wonderful. He's doing a great job and it's people like that, easily recognisable, that people listen to."

Comment: Predictably, Formula One quickly moved to distance itself from Eccleston. They're following in line with many corporations who are running for cover, virtue signaling to the hilt.
Formula 1 has distanced itself from its former chief executive Bernie Ecclestone after he claimed "in many cases, black people are more racist than what white people are," during an interview with CNN about racism in sport.

The sport's governing body adopted a stance of opposition to the comments made by Ecclestone in an interview with CNN, in which he offered his thoughts on the current race debate taking place in the United States and beyond. [...]

His words were deemed objectionable by the current Formula 1 governing body, who released a statement in which they rejected Ecclestone's comments.

"At a time when unity is needed to tackle racism and inequality, we completely disagree with Bernie Ecclestone's comments that have no place in Formula 1 or society," the statement reads.

"Mr Ecclestone has played no role in Formula 1 since he left our organisation in 2017, his title chairman emeritus, being honorific, expired in January 2020."

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Covid-1984 creep: London police face backlash for using PATROL TOWERS to enforce social distancing

coronavirus watchtowers
© Twitter / Luke Johnson @LukeJohnsonRCP
London police have reportedly installed "watchtowers" on Oxford Street to monitor adherence to two-meter social distancing rules, prompting social media users to make comparisons with "concentration camps" and "dystopian" novels.

Luke Johnson, a British entrepreneur, shared a picture of the new installations on Friday, raising eyebrows among Brits who questioned whether it was an appropriate way to spend taxpayer money. Many denounced the new street features as a "stupid waste" of resources.

Comment: The totalitarian tiptoe under guise of 'safeguarding' continues: Meanwhile the increasingly cash strapped and politicised police departments are struggling to maintain the peace when they really need to:

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Facebook whistleblower Hartwig: Platform allowed users to demonize whites, men & cops

mark zuckerberg
Facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig, who lifted the lid on Facebook's pattern of bias and censorship against conservatives in a series of videos for Project Veritas, joined Rebecca Mansour and John Hayward on Sirius XM's Breitbart News Tonight on Thursday.

Hartwig worked for a third-party company, Cognizant, that performs services including content moderation for Facebook. As Hartwig explains in the interview, he himself worked as a content moderator since 2018.

Hartwig revealed that Facebook's content moderation policies became more biased during his two years at the company, with exceptions in Facebook policy being made for left-wing users who use the platform to demonize the police or white males.

"There's definitely a lot of bias, [and] it wasn't just the content moderators, it's the policy itself that's biased and rigged against conservatives."

Comment: So much for Zuckerberg's claim that Facebook is a "platform for all ideas"; it will be interesting to see how much longer they are able to retain Section 230 protections:


Seattle fail: CHOP zone barricades still intact, city slapped with ANOTHER lawsuit

chop seattle fencing
© Reuters / Lindsey Wasson; Reuters / Lindsey Wasson
After a failed bid to remove barricades from Seattle's protester encampment - in which municipal workers were blocked by demonstrators - the city's mayor said they will try again Sunday, soon after being hit with another lawsuit.

Friday morning saw protesters at the "Capitol Hill Occupied Protest" (CHOP) stand-off with city workers who'd arrived to clear away street barriers set up around the zone, with one activist seen laying in the road to stop equipment from entering the area. Following the tense interaction and a lengthy meeting with protesters, however, Mayor Jenny Durkan now says the barricades will come down over the weekend.

At the meeting, city officials and activists discussed "the restoration of the Capitol Hill area and long-term changes to transform policing," Durkan said in a statement, adding that she sought to balance the protester's First Amendment rights with public safety.

Comment: It took a murder to finally get Seattle officials moving, and all they proved was how ineffectual they are at governing.


Turkish court sentences 121 people to life in failed coup trial

Turkey failed coup trial
© Kenan Gurbuz, Reuters
File photo of Turkish soldiers arriving in court in July 13, 2017 for the failed coup attempt trial.
A Turkish court on Friday handed down life sentences to 121 people for taking part in the 2016 attempted overthrow of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, state media reported.

The court in Ankara sentenced 86 suspects to "aggravated" life imprisonment for "attempting to violate the constitution" while 35 individuals were given life sentences for the same crime, the official Anadolu news agency said.

An aggravated life sentence has tougher terms of detention. It was brought in to replace the death penalty which Turkey abolished in 2004 as part of its drive to join the EU.

A total of 245 suspects were on trial in the case related to events at the Gendarmerie General Command on the night of July 15, 2016 in the Turkish capital.


The mob that came after me Is turning on their own. When will this end? Who does this help?

Hal Niedzviecki
© Hal Niedzviecki
Hal Niedzviecki, photographed in 2015.
I am in my third year of excommunication from Canadian culture. In the spring of 2017, I wrote a magazine article that my accusers claimed had flippantly dismissed the concept of cultural appropriation — a serious thoughtcrime. My lead accuser was writer and activist Alicia Elliott, though the narrative was quickly picked up by many others. Suddenly, I no longer received invitations to write articles, speak, teach, or publish. I'd been cancelled, and barely anyone said a public word in my defence. My 25 years of work supporting independent voices in the arts was erased in an instant. So be it.

I now see this same vicious mob spirit re-emerging on a larger cultural scale. And with the stakes higher than ever, I feel compelled to speak up. The climate of fear and censorship has become so endemic to the arts and media in North America that staying silent at this point would feel like an act of capitulation — even if, as my own experience shows, it would be the prudent path. If we don't speak now, what happened to me will become the norm, if it hasn't already. Anyone with a dissenting opinion will be pre-emptively cancelled, shamed, and fired.


Acute case of TDS: Rob Reiner says Trump 'wants to kill as many Americans as possible'

rob reiner
© REUTERS/Chip East
Al Gore and Michael Bloomberg listen as movie director Rob Reiner speaks at a news conference in New York
Misery director and All in the Family star Rob Reiner took his Trump criticism to a new level in a tweet claiming the president wants to kill American citizens before the presidential election in November.

Celebrities blasting Donald Trump is a fairly regular thing, but accusing the man of planning mass murder is something new - and a tactic apparently endorsed by Reiner.

"Trump's 2020 election platform: Kill as many Americans as possible," the Princess Bride director tweeted on Friday to his one million followers.
reiner trump tweet

Comment: Reiner's deranged mind pretty much speaks for itself. Old washed-up liberal brains tend to degenerate in just this manner.


Double standards: Cambridge University backs academic who tweeted 'White Lives Don't Matter'

white lives don't matter professor
© Rex/ Shutterstock
The University of Cambridge has spoken out in support of one of its lecturers who was hit by a wave of abusive messages and death threats for tweeting 'White Lives Don't Matter'.

Dr Priyamvada Gopal, 51, who teaches in the Faculty of English at Churchill College, took to the social media platform on Tuesday evening to write: 'I'll say it again. White Lives Don't Matter. As white lives.'

However the controversial message, which has since been deleted by Twitter, was met with a barrage of outrage, with many people responding both publicly and privately with death threats and racist abuse.

Comment: See also:

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NYT celebrates 'radical feminist' whose legacy was 'overshadowed' by '1 violent act'... shooting Andy Warhol

andy warhol
© USA Network; AP / AFP
(L) Valerie Solanas; Andy Warhol in 1975
The New York Times has left many scratching their heads over an article about feminist Valerie Solanas' activism being "overshadowed" by the small fact that she attempted to murder film director Andy Warhol.

"She made daring arguments in 'SCUM Manifesto,' her case for a world without men. But her legacy as a writer and thinker was overshadowed by one violent act," Bonnie Wertheim writes as part of the "overlooked no more" series for the paper, which looks to highlight "remarkable people" whose deaths went unreported by the Times.

While she was a feminist author, Solanas was most famous for shooting and attempting to kill Warhol at his studio on June 3, 1968, a year after she self-published her 'Manifesto' on the extermination of men. Solanas also shot art critic Mario Amaya and tried to fire on Warhol's manager before her gun jammed. She later turned herself into police and served a three-year prison sentence. She was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.