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Thu, 04 Mar 2021
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Amazon mysteriously pulls book critical of transgender movements, gets accused of 'digital book burning'

© Reuters/Brendan McDermid
Author Ryan T. Anderson has blasted Amazon for removing his latest book on the rise of the transgender movement without explanation, a move that has many criticizing the company for playing politics and accusing it of censorship.

"I hope you've already bought your copy, cause Amazon just removed my book 'When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment' from their cyber shelves.... my other four books are still available (for now)," Anderson tweeted about the removal.

'When Harry Became Sally' had previously made best-seller lists on the retail site. The work aims to expose "the contrast between the media's sunny depiction of gender fluidity and the often sad reality of living with gender dysphoria." It includes accounts of people who have transitioned genders and later regretted it and looks at "beneficial therapies" that "focus on helping people accept themselves and live in harmony with their bodies."

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Gates Foundation donates one million towards ensuring math isn't racist

Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is donating a million dollars toward a group that is attempting to "dismantle white supremacy" in grade school math.

The creators behind this effort are a cavalcade of west coast academics from places such as Loyola Marymount University and University of California, among others.

A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction is a five-stage lesson plan that prioritizes Black, Latinx, and Multilingual middle school students and the barriers in education they might face. By that the group defines it as being "white supremacy culture."


Chinese-American parents condemn Critical Race Theory as a "hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud"

Chinese New Year

In February 2018, CACAGNY celebrated Chinese New Year ​in a parade in Flushing, N.Y.
This past weekend, I spoke at an online conference of CAPA-Fairfax County, a local chapter of Chinese-American parent groups in the country, mobilizing to defend merit-based education in the United States.

As some participants spoke in Chinese, I could make out some key phrases: "'moral courage," "public service," and "Cultural Revolution."

When it came my turn to speak, I told the Chinese-American parents: you can save America. After surviving the Cultural Revolution, they uniquely recognize the dangers to an ideology like critical race theory, the race-based philosophy that dismantles core principles in our society, such as the idea of the American Dream, replacing the idea of equality with the disingenuous notion of "equity," and punishing Asian-American children for their advanced academics.

They cheered their potential role in the country that they love.

And now we see just that kind of moral leadership by another association, CACAGNY​ ​紐約同源會, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater, based in New York, which published a letter yesterday denouncing critical race theory as "a hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud." A member @queens_parents published the letter on Twitter, and it can be found here online at their website www.cacagny.org.

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Your brain on mass media: Poll shows liberals and moderates vastly overestimate number of unarmed black men killed by police

skeptic poll
Skeptic Magazine recently conducted a poll on public perception of police violence on black individuals. The results are striking. A majority of liberals and moderates believe that 100 or more unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019. A minority of ALL political demographics believe the number is over 10,000.

The real number was between 13 and 27.

All political orientations overestimated the percentage of people killed by police who were black.

skeptic poll


Russia to block profits of companies that destroy environment, follows $2bn fine for mining giant over fuel spill

russia leak
A satellite image of the diesel fuel leaked out of a tank at the TPP-3 thermal power station is pictured, outside Norilsk, Russia
Corporate polluters could see their ability to pay shareholders targeted if they are found responsible for damage to the environment, under new plans proposed by the Russian government amid a spate of ecological catastrophes.

On Wednesday, Moscow paper RBK published the leaked order, which was handed to the environmental, industrial, and trade ministers by the country's deputy prime minister, Viktoria Abramchenko.

In the missive, she instructed officials to bring forward amendments that would "ensure the owners of industrial infrastructure facilities fulfill the obligation to eliminate the damage to the environment" and limit the passing on of profits from companies that fail to comply.

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Bronx educator claims she was fired after sharing Holocaust story, refusing 'Wakanda' salute

karen ames

Karen Ames, a 30-year Department of Education employee, says she was ousted because she is over 40 and Jewish.
A veteran Bronx superintendent once praised by Chancellor Richard Carranza for her successes in the classroom claims her career was derailed by his "equity" agenda — forcing her to take a demotion in a desperate bid to preserve her pension, according to a $150 million lawsuit.

Karen Ames, a 30-year Department of Education employee, says she was targeted by Carranza's "Disrupt and Dismantle" campaign to oust or marginalize longtime employees because she is over 40, and Jewish.

"The agenda of Chancellor Carranza and his senior leadership team was euphemistically touted as an 'equity platform' but in reality, it was a platform used to create gender, age, racial and ethnic divisions in the NYC School system," she contends in her Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed Friday.

Comment: That is the purpose of critical theory for culture as a whole. They want to tear it down, to replace it with their own ill-defined utopian vision. In other words, create hell on earth, which is what always happens when utopian malcontents have their way.

Ames was grilled about her "ethnic background," chastised by a colleague at a training session when she shared her grandparents' experience during the Holocaust in Poland, and "admonished" when she declined requests at superintendents meetings to take part in the comic book movie-inspired "Wakanda Forever" salute to "black power," she charges in the legal filing.

Early in his tenure, Carranza visited Ames at PS 69 in District 8, where she had served as superintendent since 2014.

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27 cops injured in Kiev amid protest against court decision to lock up far-right nationalist Sternenko

© Getty Images/NurPhoto
Rally Near The Presidential Administration In Kyiv
Twenty-seven Ukrainian policemen have been injured in clashes on Kiev's Bankova Street after a demonstration against the imprisonment of far-right Odessa activist Sergey Sternenko descended into violence.

According to media reports, more than a thousand people gathered near the Presidential Administration and were met with tear gas.

Sternenko is the former leader of the Odessa branch of the Right Sector, an association of radical anti-Russia Ukrainian nationalist organizations. Founded in 2013 as a conglomeration of groups at the Euromaidan revolt in 2013, the group has been described as neo-fascist and even neo-Nazi. In November 2014, the Russian Supreme Court ruled that the association is an extremist organization and banned its activities in Russia.

Comment: See also: 'Death to our enemies!' Ukrainian Nazis protest new President's roadmap to peace with Russia


'Ecological disaster': Mysterious oil spill covers Israel's coastline in toxic tar balls, judge places gag order on press

israel oil spill
© JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images
An Israeli soldiers displays a tar ball during cleanup operation at the Sharon Beach National Park, north of Tel Aviv city, on Feb. 22
More than 100 miles (161 kilometers) of Israel's normally pristine Mediterranean coastline have been stained with thick globules of tar that washed up after an oil spill off the coast of the country last week. Authorities have yet to identify the culprit, but they say it is harmful to both humans and marine life.

Israel's Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) called the spill "one of the most serious ecological disasters" the country has ever seen and warned it could take years to completely remove the waste from beaches, according to the BBC.

The tar was first noticed on Israel's beaches on Wednesday (Feb. 18) after a heavy winter storm battered the coastline. Israel's Environmental Protection Ministry estimates that as much as 1,100 tons (1,000 metric tons) of tar have already washed ashore, according to Aljazeera.

Comment: See also:


Traces of designer drugs found in several countries wastewater

Synthetic drugs
© Peter Dazeley / Getty
Synthetic drugs were consumed in high amounts at 2019/2020 New Years parties around the globe.
Australians may be partying harder than previously thought, according to our water.

Researchers from the University of South Australia, led by Richard Bade, found that wastewater samples contained evidence of high drug use by over the summer season, including use of designer drugs in eight countries, including Australia.

Australia, along with New Zealand, the USA and the Netherlands had the highest consumption of designer party drugs during the 2019/2020 New Year period, according to the study, published in Water Research.

The team tested for 200 synthetic drugs in sites across Australia, New Zealand, China, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Norway and the United States. They found that the Netherlands was the only country that didn't have samples of new psychotic substances - drugs that mimic other illicit drugs, such as cannabis, Cocaine, MDMA and LSD.

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Michael Burry warns Weimar hyperinflation is coming

Michael Burry
One week ago, Bank of America hinted at the unthinkable: the tsunami of monetary and fiscal stimulus, coupled with the upcoming surge in monetary velocity as the world's economy emerges from lockdowns, would lead to unprecedented economic overheating... or rather precedented as BofA's CIO Michael Hartnett reflected back on the post-WW1 Germany which he said was the "most epic, extreme analog of surging velocity and inflation following end of war psychology, pent-up savings, lost confidence in currency & authorities" and specifically the Reichsbank's monetization of debt, and extrapolated that this is similar to what is going on now.

weimar case study
There is, of course, another name for that period: Weimar Germany, and because we all know what happened then, it is understandable why BofA does not want to mention that particular name.

Comment: Burry isn't the only one warning of hyperinflation: