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Thu, 23 Nov 2017
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Netanyahu cites "three stage plan" to deport 40,000 African asylum seekers 'without their consent'

© Allison Deger
African asylum seekers sit in the front yard of Holot prison, a desert detention facility, 2014.
Israel will begin deporting 20,000 African asylum seekers, mostly from Eritrea and the Sudan, to an unnamed third-party country "without their consent," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday in a cabinet meeting. According to Israeli media the refugees will be sent to Rwanda, in return for which Israel will pay the African nation $5,000 per head.

Using the term "infiltrators" to refer to Africans who crossed into Israel through the Sinai, Netanyahu said he had reached "stage three" of a plan to remove all asylum seekers.

"Regarding infiltrators, we will discuss one of the aspects of this topic at the cabinet meeting," Netanyahu said. "Our policy towards infiltrators is three staged: Stage one is halting. We built a fence and enacted laws that completely blocked the flow of infiltrators and today we have zero infiltrators. Second stage is removal. We removed approximately 20,000 out of the existing infiltrators using various measures. Stage three is increased removal."

Comment: It seems that paying the African migrants to leave Israel didn't work out, at least not to Israel's satisfaction. So now the psychopathic state has decided to pay more to have other countries ship them out. See also:

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Ukrainian agents and corruption haunt situation in Lugansk

LPR head Igor Plotnitsky and Interior Minister Igor Kornet

Translated by Jafe Arnold

Breaking news has been coming in from the capital of the Lugansk People's Republic. Since this morning, the center of Lugansk has been swarmed by armed men in uniforms without insignia, and the administration building of the LPR has been blocked off. This operation, as it turns out, is connected to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Igor Kornet, who was supposedly dismissed on November 20th on the order of the head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky.

Today, however, Kornet announced that he had in fact not left his post and, moreover, that he had ordered the arrest of a number of senior officials. According to Kornet, last night he presented LPR head Igor Plotnitsky with materials exposing the involvement of a number of senior officials in "criminal activities detrimental to the republic and the people of the Lugansk region," after which he ordered the arrests of the General Director of GTRK (State Television and Radio Company), Anastasia Shurkaeva, the head of Plotnitsky's administration, Irina Teytsman, as well as the chief of government security under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Evgeniy Selivertsov.

Comment: See also: Is this a coup? Military personnel surround Lugansk


Is this a coup? Military personnel surround Lugansk

© rusvesna.su

translated by
Inessa Sinchougova

The government buildings area of the capital of the Lugansk People's Republic is currently being blocked by people in military uniform, while armored vehicles are seen in the center of the city. Users of social networks have commented that government buildings may be stormed shortly, followed by arrests of the leaders of the Republic on charges of state treason.

Comment: See: Ukrainian agents and corruption haunt situation in Lugansk


Over 5000 documents detailing Uranium One deal obtained by reporter

Recent pushback in Congressional testimony by Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as unnamed Justice Department officials in several news articles, stating that the case involving a highly placed FBI confidential informant in the Russian nuclear industry was not connected to the sale of the Canadian firm Uranium One in 2010, does not coincide with the trove of documents, emails and memoranda obtained by this reporter that prove otherwise.

Moreover, an American energy consultant, who is now an official with the Department of Energy's office of Nuclear Energy, produced a memorandum regarding the acquisition of Uranium One and other legislative matters for one of the main Russian co-conspirators that was then under an FBI clandestine investigation.

Within the over 5,000 documents and briefs, were detailed plans of Russia's state controlled nuclear arm Rosatom, and its subsidiaries, to penetrate America's vast energy market and its efforts to gain approval of the United States government for the eventual purchase of Uranium One. At the time, Uranium One controlled roughly 20 percent of American uranium mining capacity. In fact, the evidence obtained by the Department of Justice and FBI, starting as early as 2008 paint a much different picture than that of recent reports regarding the confidential informant, William D. Campbell Jr., and his role. According to the documents, Campbell gained insight into Russia's strategic plans to gain global dominance in the uranium industry and to build a closer relationship with Obama administration officials.

The documents also reveal Campbell's extensive value to the FBI and Justice Department at the time, including a Brady collection permission order from the DOJ showing the department downloaded all of Campbell's emails for their criminal case in 2014, which had originally been collected by the counterintelligence division. Campbell had provided highly sensitive information both related to the case, as well as other intelligence issues, to the DOJ since 2006, according to the documents.

Comment: See also:

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Arrow Up

Corbyn demands May Government act to end suffering of Yemeni people

© Toby Melville / Reuters
Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party, has today (Monday) written to Prime Minister Theresa May demanding her Government acts to end the conflict in Yemen.

The letter follows repeated reports from the United Nations (UN) and other agencies about the scale of the "devastation and destruction in Yemen", with millions of Yemenis at risk of death as aid cannot be delivered.

Jeremy Corbyn argues that the "UK has a crucial role to play" and calls for the UK to end support for the Saudi-led coalition's conduct in this war. He urges the Government to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and call for an immediate ceasefire through the UN to enable the negotiation of a long-term political peace.

Comment: See also:

Snakes in Suits

Hysteria: EU leader tweets Poland's turning away from EU diktats is 'Kremlin plan'

© premier.gov.pl
PMs Orban of Hungary and Szydlo of Poland

In what is an unprecedented attack by an EU leader
on a member state's sitting government, Bloomberg reports that Tusk explicitly suggests the ruling Law & Justice party is merely a 'puppet of Putin' and just forwarding Russian interests...
"Strident dispute with Ukraine, isolation in the European Union, walking away from rule of law and judicial independence, attack on non-governmental sector and free media," Tusk wrote on his personal Twitter account on Sunday.

"Law & Justice strategy or Kremlin plan? Too similar to sleep well."

Comment: Arrogant and delusional EU members have taken to smearing opposing views as Russian manipulation of late, with the EU putting immense pressure on those countries that would take an alternative perspective:

This aggressive tweet comes just days after Poland's Independence Day parades 'triggered' mainstream media everywhere... as tens of thousands of people, waving tens of thousands of white-and-red national flags young and old, of all walks of life, with whole families take to the streets.


Trump wants Congress to release names of lawmakers who have settled sexual harassment claims

© AFP/Getty

President Trump wants the names of Congressmen who have settled sexual harassment cases to be released to the public.

Congress has a rampant sexual harassment problem. In fact the problem is so bad that female lawmakers and aides keep a 'creep list' of men who are notorious for lewd behavior.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) recently told MSNBC's Chuck Todd that taxpayers have paid over $15 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against members of Congress!

Comment: Trump told this to reporters:
President Trump said Tuesday that he believed lawmakers who paid settlements to sexual harassment accusers should be outed.

'I do - I really do,' Trump told reporters on the South Lawn as he was leaving the White House to spend Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago.
Trump, who's been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and assault, wasn't ready to comment on Conyers Tuesday.

'I just heard about Conyers two minutes ago,' the president said.

Sen. Al Franken, the Democratic comedian-turned-lawmaker under fire for inappropriate kissing and groping, Trump said, also needed to speak for himself.

'I don't want to speak for Al Franken. I don't know what happened,' the president said, five days after mocking Franken in his tweets.

While Trump said he'd like members of Congress to be outed, he suggested an alleged harasser's denial was enough to keep the president's support.
He also talked about the mass outing of male harassers, started by the dozens of accusations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and followed by men in media and business and politics being exposed.

'Women are very special, I think it's a very special time, because a lot of things are coming out and I think that's good for our society,'Trump said.

'And I think it's very, very good for women and I'm very happy a lot of these things are coming out and I'm very happy it's being exposed,' the president added.

It's no surprise that Congress is a den of perverts who have no problem charging the consequences of their indiscretions back to the taxpayer. By releasing the names of those who settled, we may actually see consequences for their actions, if not in an actual court, the court of public opinion at the very least. But with a look at that tweeted list, what was going on in 2002 and 2007?

See also:


Supplies for Russia's intervention in Syria now use NATO's airspace over Turkey

Russia’s Antonov An-124 unloading in Latakia airbase
Russia's Syria-bound military cargo planes start using Turkish airspace

Incredible news for anyone who still remembers the low-point Russian-Turkish relations were at in late 2015. Turkey has quietly opened its airspace for transport planes of the Russian military headed to Syria.

Where in November 2015 Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 strike jet because it allegedly strayed into Turkish airspace for a few seconds, the Russian forces in Syria are now being supplied by planes traversing the width of Turkey.

Comment: Russia, Iran and Turkey recently held trilateral talks on Syria which Lavrov described as "very useful", and added they had all "agreed on key issues". Furthermore, Erdogan´s chief advisor Yalcın Topcu recently declared: "The presence of the great Turkish nation in this institution [NATO] has become questionable," and he branded NATO's behavior towards Ankara as "brutal and dishonorable."

Stock Down

How Russia could crash oil prices in 10 days

Lower oil prices could actually be more beneficial for the Russian economy.
As the November 30 meeting in Vienna of OPEC and its partners in the oil production cut deal nears, worry has returned among traders: one of the brokers of the deal might decide to walk out on the deal instead of participating in another extension.

We're talking about Russia, the world's top producer and exporter, who many believe played OPEC and specifically its leader, Saudi Arabia, by agreeing to a relatively minor production cut from its nearly record-high rate of production.

Reports emerged last week that Russia is considering a delay on the decision to extend the cut. That's after Energy Minister Alexander Novak hinted more than once that from Moscow's perspective, this decision is far from urgent. With a budget based on Brent at US$40, Russia is indeed in a sweet spot compared with its partners in the deal: it can remain in the black at any price above US$40.

Bad Guys

US: Soros-tied donor network to ramp up efforts to elect left-wing prosecutors

George Soros
Soros has poured millions into DA races

The Democracy Alliance, a secretive left-wing dark money donor network whose members each direct hundreds of thousands in funding to progressive groups, is set to ramp up efforts to elect far-left prosecutors across the nation, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The documents, which were gathered from the Democracy Alliance's three-day fall investment conference last week at the posh La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, Calif., show that electing ultra-progressive prosecutors in cities across the country is of high importance to the deep-pocketed donors as part of their "resistance" efforts and 2018 strategy.

Closed events were held at the summit on issues ranging from using the state of California as a progressive template to expand elsewhere, to the "importance of prosecutor races."

"Progressive prosecutors are winning -- from Florida to Pennsylvania, Texas to Illinois," a flyer for a session reads. "Bold reform candidates have been propelled by movement players and driven record voter turnout of African Americans, Latinos and Millennials -- and are shifting the political narrative."

Liberal billionaire George Soros, a co-founder of the Democracy Alliance, was listed as a host for the event, which shared an "early peek at more than 30 hot races" that overlap in key 2018 battlegrounds.

Comment: That's American democracy for you, where a single man with enough cash can outdo hundreds of thousands of voters and control de social narrative. Not only that, but Soros does it around the globe too!