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Houthis Warn EU 'Playing With Fire' After Deploying Warships On Red Sea Mission

A high-ranking Yemeni official has warned the EU against "supporting the American devil to protect [Israel]" following the formal launch of the Aspides naval mission in the Red Sea. "For Europeans, do not play with fire. Take a lesson from Britain," Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a senior member of Yemen's Supreme Political Council, said via social media on Tuesday.

"You do not need the support of the American devil in protecting the occupying entity so that it can exterminate the people of Gaza with no disturbance," Houthi added, stressing that "international navigation is safe."

His message followed an announcement by Brussels of the official launch of the EU naval operation codenamed Aspides - Greek for shield.

"I welcome today's decision ... Europe will ensure freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, working alongside our international partners. Beyond crisis response, it's a step towards a stronger European presence at sea to protect our European interests," European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said via social media.

Comment: The EU is becoming more and more like NATO on steroids if that is possible. The EU leadership is not serving the interests of their people and obviously don't ask for their opinions. Like in any pathocracy, they feel themselves apart from the people and only care for their own self-interests.

Comment: That is a good question which al-Bukhaiti poses. History hasn't normally been kind to supporters of genocide except where those committing the genocide have written the history.

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An Anti-Russian Europe Is a Europe That Destroys Itself!

An Anti-Russian Europe Is a Europe That Destroys Itself!
© Public Domain
This European Union is demonizing the country that saved it from Nazi-fascist terror by rewriting its past, desecrating its dead, misrepresenting its thinking and conspiring with its achievements.

According to Syrsky, the new commander-in-chief of Kiev's troops, the lives of Ukrainian soldiers are the most important thing the army has. An assumption that was only made when it became obvious to everyone that there was no chance of victory in a direct fight against Russia.

As long as it was possible to feed the idea that "Ukraine was beating Russia", when it was Russia that had the initiative โ€” and never lost it โ€” the lives of Ukrainian soldiers were worth little. Men โ€” and some women โ€” in their hundreds of thousands were thrown into muddy trenches, poorly fed and with ammunition in short supply, against an opponent who never lacked anything.

Comment: To give some background for the possibility that the EU might collapse, here are some links. The basic idea is that nothing lasts forever. Empires in Western Europa have come and gone.

Efforts to unify southern, central, western and northern Europe have a long history, so far all newer attempts have had a modest shelf life, as if they were not even meant to last:
The Roman Empire (27 BC-AD 395, Unified; 395-476/480, Western; 395-1453, Eastern),
The Holy Roman Empire, (800/962[-1806)
The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569-1795)
The Swedish Empire (1611-1721)
The First French Empire (1808-1815) formed by Napoleon Bonaparte.
The German Confederation (1815-1848)
The Latin Monetary Union (1866-1914)
The Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918)
In the shadows The British Empire (1497-1997(?))
In the shadows, at least initially: American Imperialism (1823- present)
The Nazi leaders had a plan for a Greater Germanic Reich (1933-1945). After WWII, the ideas transformed and developed under guidance from the US:
The European Union (Beginning 1948)
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization Beginning 1949, it has created a post war framework for European "partnership" with the US. These days, the EU/NATO are closely aligned, and the EU appears to follow NATO.
(The above are all Wiki links, not because they necessarily are the best, but they will say at least something. The remaining links are to SOTT articles.)

A mosaic of SOTT articles:
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The Maidan coup in 2014 was "helped" by the US::
Stratfor head: Yanukovich overthrow "most blatant coup in history"

Slowly the spirit of post Maidan Ukraine has moved west.
WikiLeaks releases classified CIA agents tips on infiltrating EU, Schengen (2014)
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Poland and the Demon in Democracy Liberal authoritarianism's tusks have been bared across the West

The End of Democracy: "What I'm Describing is Military Rule"
If you wish to understand how democracy ended in the United States and the European Union, please watch this interview with Tucker Carlson and Mike Benz. It is full of the most stunning revelations that I have heard in a very long time.
To avoid losing control of Europe, the U.S. has a war plan for Europe and Russia (2014)
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Biden's attack on Nord Stream pipelines was aimed at Germany - Seymour Hersh (2023)
West using 'Russia threat' as pretext to destabilize Europe: Lavrov
Germany suffering 'irreversible' damage without Russian gas - Putin
"Apparently, they were expecting that if they don't take our gas, we will fall apart faster than they face irreversible processes. But irreversible processes are effectively starting to happen."
The exercise for western military planners for Ukraine (after having used the Minsk accord to gain time) has now moved to Western Europe: Germany gives timeframe for possible Russian 'attack' on NATO. If the EU and Germany is a target in the efforts of the US to preserve hegemony, the planning is little more than shadowboxing, which does not mean the one engaging in it does not become tired after some time. From the article:
The fact is that, as with Ukraine, the way in which the antagonism is resolved, the synthesis that will result from it, will almost certainly end in its own demise.
Given the history of empires in Western Europe, will something new or transformed take its place? What might it look like? Is the demise already underway, as in controlled demolition? Is it not so much that the EU will disappear, as it will become irrelevant?


Lavrov: Nothing will change after US election, ruling elites will still control US foreign policy

FILE PHOTO: Joe Biden and Donald Trump during a presidential debate in October 2020.
© Chip Somodevilla / Getty ImagesFILE PHOTO: Joe Biden and Donald Trump during a presidential debate in October 2020.
Russia is interested in policies, not personalities, and has no expectation that the US intends to change its antagonistic stance, regardless of who wins the November presidential election, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Brazilian media on Tuesday.

The top diplomat was asked whether Moscow preferred a return of Donald Trump to the White House next year over President Joe Biden staying in office. The interviewer from the Globo media group cited opinions that a new Trump presidency would make it easier to wrap up the Ukraine conflict.

"The ruling elites in the US consider Russia an enemy and a threat regardless of their political affiliation," Lavrov said.

While Biden "did nothing" in four years to improve relations with Russia, "we do not delude ourselves into expecting the anti-Russian course of the US to change anytime soon," the minister added.

Comment: Could this be a case of "better the devil you know than the devil you don't"? It may be that Putin actually prefers to have a predictable idiot at the helm of the US, instead of a rather unpredictable and erratic Trump. Or maybe this is just a quote for the newspapers and doesn't reflect his true preference (assuming he has one; as Lavrov said "we do not delude ourselves into expecting the anti-Russian course of the US to change anytime soon").

Oil Pipeline

Independent investigator: Elements of UK government behind Nord Stream attacks

Alec Shellbrooke inspects submarine
Then minister Alec Shellbrooke inspects HMS Ambush (S120) at HMNB Clyde in Faslane on October 12, 2022, just over two weeks after the Nord Stream attacks. The fact that the submarine's chalfont bay is covered with a tarpaulin indicates that it may have been used recently.
  • A systematic analysis of the available evidence points to "elements of the British government" as the most likely perpetrators of the pipeline bombings.
  • This according to an independent Finnish data analyst and researcher has conducted what he calls "the only public, open Nordstream investigation".
  • The enigmatic 'data detective' believes the attacks were most likely carried out by the Royal Navy's DTXG elite diving team, operating from the British nuclear submarine HMS Ambush (S120).
  • A statement made by then British PM Liz Truss at the UN five days before the attacks about "cutting off toxic energy and pipelines from authoritarian regimes" raises further questions.

Comment: It is clear that a number of countries were in on this, which would explain why none of the countries affected by this are interested in any real investigation as it would reveal their own complicity in the act. As Putin said in the interview with Tucker Carlson, one should look at 1) who benefited from it and 2) who had the capability to do.

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2024: The year from political hell

presdiential election
Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong is predicting political turmoil, civilian unrest, war and a big economic downturn in 2024 in a new report called "The Year from Political Hell." It's not just a US election year, but it is an election year for more than half of the world. This is a global phenomenon which no one can be sure of the outcome. Armstrong explains,
"This is not just the United States election. This is what you hear on the news locally. However, step outside this country, and, for example, Indonesia just voted in a leftist government. You have the EU going for elections. You have on May 2nd all the local elections in Britian. You have Russian elections on May 7th. 60% of the world is going to the polls in 2024 to vote for a new government. You might as well throw them into a tumbler, shake well and see what comes out. I mean it's all over the place."


Russia is going through a 'unique era, fundamentally evolving, bringing it to another level' โ€” Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin
© SputnikFILE: Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of state noted Russia was fundamentally evolving from within, becoming more self-sufficient, autonomous, and self-assured
Russia is going through a unique period of development that will take the country to new heights, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"I think everyone will agree that we are living in a unique era. This uniqueness stems from the fact that we are at a completely different level in terms of the tasks we have to perform to move the country forward," he continued.

Putin added Russia is fundamentally evolving from within, becoming more self-sufficient, autonomous, and self-assured. "We are fundamentally evolving, and the country is changing vitally from within, becoming more self-sufficient, sovereign, and confident. This is Russia's time!" he said.

Comment: Indeed, and this sentiment is supported by a variety of independent metrics. The same can't be said of the West, which appears intent on taking Russia, and the rest of the multipolar world down with it:

Mr. Potato

British nuclear submarine missile MISFIRES and 'plops' into the ocean, 2nd such incident amid a myriad of other Navy fails

royal navy
A team of Royal Navy service personnel in the control room of HMS Vigilant, one of Britain's nuclear subs, in January 2016
Britain has botched another nuclear submarine test after a Trident missile 'dramatically misfired' and crashed into the ocean, it has emerged.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed an 'anomaly occurred' during an exercise that took place on January 30 onboard the nuclear-powered submarine HMS Vanguard.

The Trident 2 successfully 'left the submarine', but its first stage boosters did not ignite and the 58-ton missile 'just went plop' into the ocean next to the vessel and sank, an anonymous source told The Sun.

Officials said they could not say any more because the incident relates to national security. But they said there remained 'absolute confidence' in Britain's constant at-sea nuclear deterrent and that it continues to be 'secure and effective'.

Comment: The following is a selection of the epic fails the West has suffered in just the last 2 months: Meanwhile in Russia: Russian arms production has Europe's warmongers worried


French warship intercepts Houthi drones

france warship yemen
A French warship in the Red Sea intercepted a pair of drones fired by Houthi rebels near Yemen overnight from February 19-20, the military said.

"On the night of February 19 to 20, French multi-mission frigates (FREMM) detected multiple drone attacks coming from Yemen in their respective patrol areas in the Gulf of Aden and in the southern Red Sea. Two drones were engaged and destroyed," Etat-major des Armees (the Chief of the Defence Staff) said.

Footage provided to Storyful by the military is described as showing the moments both drones were destroyed over the southern Red Sea.

Comment: By involving itself in the war on Yemen, and thus the facilitation of Israel's genocide, France has knowingly painted a target on any shipping it relies on in the region:


SOTT Focus: The End of Democracy: "What I'm Describing is Military Rule"

Mike Benz and Tucker Carlson
If you wish to understand how democracy ended in the United States and the European Union, please watch this interview with Tucker Carlson and Mike Benz. It is full of the most stunning revelations that I have heard in a very long time.

The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. "What I'm describing is military rule," says Mike Benz. "It's the inversion of democracy."

Comment: See also:


Donald Trump to Supreme Court: Jack Smith's rush to trial reveals 'appearance of partisanship'

trump rally 2024
© AP Photo/Manuel Balce CenetaRepublican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump speaks at a Get Out The Vote rally at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, S.C., Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024.
Former President Donald Trump told the Supreme Court on Thursday that special counsel Jack Smith's argument not to delay his trial on charges of election fraud reveals "partisanship," as he urged the justices to suspend an appellate court ruling that rejected his bid for presidential immunity.

Mr. Trump's lawyers pointed out that just two months ago, Mr. Smith urged the high court to hear the presidential immunity matter โ€” looking to bypass the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals โ€” but now is arguing the justices shouldn't take up the issue because it would delay the trial.

"He provides no convincing reason to deny the requested stay," Mr. Trump's lawyers wrote. "The stay requested by President Trump should be granted."

Comment: If they take away Trump's presidential immunity, would it be open season on Slick Willy, Bush Jr, Obummer, and Creepy Joe?