A brief report from a stunning recent lecture on health.

I'll try to keep this as short as possible, but the charts speak volumes. I've also included links to further resources for anyone inclined to dig deeper.

We've all been educated to accept as truth the idea that vaccines are safe and effective. In fact, this has become a cultural "fact" of advanced societies and we're encouraged to never question or doubt it. But the Covid 19 pandemic brought vaccines to focus and an increasing proportion of people are now inclined to question their effectiveness and safety.

Over the last three years I have participated in bi-weekly zoom meetings of a group of medical professionals focused on rigorous scientific review of many issues pertaining to public health, including vaccines. Among the lecturers, we had dozens of high-caliber experts like Carrie Madej, Pierre Kory, Sucharit Bhakdi, Wolfgang Wodarg, Peter McCullough, and many, many others. I thought I had heard as much information as I could digest about the subject matter, until...

Last month we had a presentation by the British data scientist Craig Paardekooper (the whole 2h presentation is available at link) which may have been among the most important of all these lectures. Paardekooper, who created the website How Bad is My Batch, analyzed data from the US VAERS database which contains extensive records of adverse reactions to vaccines.

Among other things, he focused on the reports' "recovery" status. Namely, for people who reported an adverse reaction, they can also report whether they have recovered or not by entering either a YES (I have recovered from the adverse reaction) or a NO (I have not recovered). Paardekooper counted all these yeses and nos for every year from 1991 to 2022 for all ages between 0.08 and 85 years old. His full data analysis of the VAERS database can be found at the following link: https://howbad.info/recov5.pdf

The charts Paardekooper put together tell an astonishing story. The one below shows the recovery rates (YESes) for all ages for years 1994, 2011, 2021 and 2022:
Vaccine Effectiveness
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What it shows is that over the last 30 years, fewer and fewer people have recovered from adverse reactions to vaccines. Paardekooper then constructed a boxplot chart showing the recovery rates for all ages for each year from 1991 to 2022, which could be the most important chart in the world:

Recovery Rates
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The trend could not be clearer: for over three decades, fewer and fewer people are recovering from vaccine adverse effects. One would think that with time, vaccine manufacturers would produce increasingly better, safer and more effective products.

But data suggests that the reality is exactly the opposite: with time vaccines have been getting less and less safe. Why is this? Evidently, vaccine manufacturers are immune at law and risk no liability lawsuits if they distribute flawed products. We also know that producing shoddy products is a lot cheaper than producing quality ones.

What's the agenda?

But vaccine manufacturers might also have positive incentives to make their vaccines ever more dangerous, as they also sell many of the remedies for patients suffering from adverse reactions to vaccines. Of course, they would never do such things, unscrupulously jeopardizing their clients' health just for the profit of it. Still, if this was their business model, one would have to concede, it's a devilishly clever one.

Then there are even darker interpretations of the data, as vaccine side effects include infertility, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, etc. It calls to mind Bill Gates' TED presentation about how "we" could reduce world population if we do a great job on vaccines, etc. The whole dataset suggests that, wittingly or not, someone may have been conducting a live experiment: what happens if we add a bit more of this? And if we add some of that?... And we can get the great unwashed to inject the stuff voluntarily and line up for it whenever we wave the red cloth at them... Now we see why it is so important that we never challenge the truth of the 'safe and effectives..'

What if everyone started to question the fatwas?

However, what happens if too many people begin to question the truth that vaccines are safe and effective, and they're not even moved when the media explains to them that this is Russian propaganda (yes, this too has been blamed on Russia)? What happens when they begin to reject vaccines and refuse to comply with public health measures? What happens if they begin to reject the vaccine schedule for their children?

At that point, the big pharma's business model might begin to implode and the genie of conspiracy theories might refuse to go back into its bottle. Health care spending is about 18% of the GDP in US. What would happen if people simply opted for high quality nutrition and relied on their immune systems for health? What if most people remained healthy most of their life and didn't require treatments and medicines? It would be a disaster for the economy.

My own conclusion and actionable takeaway is what I put in the title of this article.