The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban has been involved in a horror car crash in Germany which has left one man dead.

Orban's vehicle was being escorted through the German city of Stuttgart when a driver collided with the motorcycle killing one police officer and severely injuring another.

The incident occured this morning while Orban was on his way to the airport this morning after attending the Hungary v Scotland Euros match at the Stuttgart Arena - which saw Scotland eliminated from the championship.

The driver, allegedly a 69-year-old woman behind the wheel BMW, collided with a Stuttgart traffic police officer on a motorcycle that was escorting the world leader.

She hit the motorcycle while trying to make a left turn after apparently failing to see that an intersection was closed to traffic, Stuttgart police said.

One 61-year-old Police officer was slammed against another officer, 27, who had cordoned off the intersection with his vehicle.

German newspaper Bild reports that both the officers were rushed to a local hospital. Tragically, the 61-year-old office died from his injuries shortly after.

In a statement, reported by The Sun, Stuttgart's Police Chief Markus Eisenbraun said: 'We are deeply shocked by the accident of our colleagues.

'The tragic circumstances of the death of our valued colleague have left us speechless and have hit the entire Stuttgart police force to the core.'