Great white shark
Tamayo Perry, a professional surfer and actor who appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, has been killed in a shark attack in Hawaii.

The 49-year-old, who also worked as a lifeguard for Honolulu Ocean Safety, was attacked Sunday near Goat Island off the North Shore of Oahu, according to officials. Perry, who appeared in episodes of Hawaii Five-O and the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, was brought to shore via a jet ski, but had sustained multiple bites and could not be saved.

It remains unclear which breed of shark was responsible for the attack, which was said to have occurred as Perry was surfing during a break from his lifeguard duties at around 1.00 p.m. Surfing website Stab Mag, which described the surfer as an "icon" of the sport and a noted pipeline specialist, said Perry was discovered with an arm and a leg missing after the shark chewed off two of his limbs. This is thought to be the first time a professional surfer has been mauled to death by a shark.

Perry was born in 1975 and began surfing at the age of 12, according to the Encyclopaedia of Surfing website, which says he won the Pipeline Masters in 1999. A profile written by Perry on his own website said that over the course of his career, he was proud to prove "that this small time island boy can bang it out with the world's best."

By the 2000s, Perry was regularly appearing in movies or TV shows due to his skill on the waves. "Besides surfing, another huge passion of mine is acting," Perry confirmed on his website.

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