Forest officials suspect that the bison that killed
Forest officials suspect that the bison that killed two elderly persons in Kanamala near Erumeli on Friday might have entered the human settlement to avoid poachers.
Three persons were killed on Friday morning in two different incidents of gaur attack at Erumeli and Anchal in Kottayam and Kollam districts respectively, police said. Chackochan (70) and Thomas (71) were killed at Erumely after a gaur, which ventured into a rubber plantation near here, attacked them at around 8 AM.

A senior forest official told PTI that Thomas, who was engaged in rubber tapping inside the plantation which was near the forest area, was attacked first by the gaur.

''As per preliminary reports, it initially attacked the rubber tapper and later hit the owner of a nearby house, who came out after hearing some noise,'' the official said.

He said forest officials from the Erumeli division and other nearby divisions reached the spot. Meanwhile, locals began a protest against the authorities citing lapses on behalf of officials.

In another incident, Samuel was killed at a place near Anchal in the eastern part of Kollam district.

Police said the place was around 10 km from the nearby forest area. Forest officials have reached the spot and have started an enquiry.