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Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake
Election integrity fans are following the action in Arizona, as Republican nominees for statewide office, led by gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, take a stand against the perennial shenanigans in Maricopa County. The county's shoddy sh*tshow of an election has delayed counting and produced trust-defying results (that somehow always magically end up favoring Democrats) for far too long. With Americans' faith in our electoral system hitting dangerous lows while the Democrat ballot sow-and-reap system grows ever more entrenched, we're just about at the end of the line for opportunities to fix this mess.

The good news is that once someone leads the way and overthrows this highly suspect status quo, it will be easier for others to follow. (I'm looking at you, Pennsylvania.) In Kari Lake, we may just have that trailblazing American warrior.

Lake assured followers in a video she posted to Twitter (see below) after Maricopa County certified its results on Monday:
"For starters, I want you to know that I am firmly in the fight with you. Here's what I'm busy working on. I'm working with a team of patriotic, talented lawyers on a legal case to challenge the botched elections. My team and I realize how important this case is and what is at stake. We will file this case in accordance with Arizona state law, and you'll want to stay tuned for this one, trust me."
She then gave hints about the angles the suit would take:
"This botched election should not be certified, especially in Maricopa County, where the board of supervisors are well aware of the catastrophic issues caused by the maladministration of Supervisor Bill Gates and County Recorder Steven Richer, who started a dark money PAC with the sole purpose of going after me, my campaign, and our movement while they supervised the election (emphasis added). Let me repeat that: They ran an election with my name on the ballot, and their number one political goal was to see to it that I was not elected. Can you say, 'conflict of interest'?"
Lake brought up another conflicted member of the board of supervisors, who was charged with certifying the election yet had been tapped to join her opponent Katie Hobbs' transition team. Lake also pointed out that Hobbs herself oversaw the botched election in her role as Secretary of State and went on to use her authority to threaten legal action against counties that declined to certify the electoral train wreck.
"The multiple conflicts of interest, the incompetence, the maladministration, the ignorance, and the disrespect of voters is off the charts with those managing and operating our elections."
She then assured Arizonans that she was working "behind the scenes right now, building a strong legal case."

The next day, Lake appeared on the Charlie Kirk Show to discuss her lawsuit further. Kirk, the founder and president of Turning Point USA, asked Lake to walk him through her planned timeline and procedure.
"We have to follow the statute here in Arizona, and that says that you can't challenge an election until it's been certified. ... [And] that will be, I believe, the fifth or sixth of December. And then we will be ready to bring forth our case. I believe we have about five business days after it's been certified to put forth our case, at which time we will. We have a great case. We have excellent attorneys working on this case. I will tell you, there are some patriotic attorneys out there who realize the importance of our case."
And though Lake wisely declined to give away the game, she revealed:
"We've got whistleblowers who have come forward, I believe we've got at least one smoking gun in there, and we feel very confident in our court case. Of course, we always have to pray that we get a judge who loves this country, a judge who will be fair, a judge who understands what's at stake."
Lake closed out her Monday statement with a promise: "Rest assured, Arizona: Nothing will stop me from putting everything I have into reforming elections here in Arizona and in America." Godspeed to her in her efforts.

Watch Kari's entire statement:
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