Press conference
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis press conference
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has announced a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration over what he says is an "unreasonable delay of more than 630 days in approving Florida's proposal for its Canadian Prescription Drug Importation Program."

DeSantis says importing drugs from Canada is roughly "75 percent cheaper."
"Florida has been ready to deliver cheaper prescription drugs to those that need them for nearly two years. The lack of transparency by the Biden administration during the approval process, and failure to provide records on the importation proposal, is costing Floridians who are facing rising prices across the board due to inflation. Florida is confident in our importation model, and we continue to look for more ways to lower drug costs for Floridians while the FDA delays approval of this importation proposal."

Meanwhile, DeSantis has granted the American Health Care Association authority to negotiate prices for drugs ineligible for importation, such as insulin and epinephrine, according to a statement.

"We think this is urgent and we think we deserve a response very quickly," DeSantis said.