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FSB video shows the suspect behind Moscow car bombing, Natalya Vovk, entering the house where the attack’s victim, Darya Dugina, lived
OK, so, within a day of the attempted assassination of Alexander Dugin, we have the following facts given to us by the FSB.
  • The assassin was a Ukrainian death-harpy - Natalya Pavlovna Vovk
  • She crossed into Russia on July 23 with her daughter
  • She rented an apartment in Dugin's building
  • She went to the "Tradition" event/talk and planted a bomb on the car she thought Dugin would drive
  • Dugin's daughter Darya got blown-up instead
  • The assassin changed plates and crossed the border with Estonia
  • The FSB revealed that they allowed an Azov member to enter Russia, rent an apartment in Dugin's apartment, acquire a bomb somehow, almost kill a public figure, and then calmly leave the country
Some more facts that are worth considering. The FSB claims that it has stopped literally hundreds of terrorist plots and attacks ranging from assassinations to sabotage actions and possibly even mass terrorism. The only terror plot that slipped through their net was the one targeted at the living symbol of Russian nationalism. During a time of extremely high tensions with the West and Ukraine. Curious.

Furthermore, it is quite difficult for Ukrainians to cross into Russia. I would know. Even those that are let in are subject to questioning at the border by an FSB officer and the same when they leave. Hundreds of Ukrainians already living in Russia been swooped down on by the FSB, some for questioning, others arrested, and some on trumped up fake charges, indicating that there is a quota and someone wants to look like they're keeping busy.

Yet, despite all this extra scrutiny, well ...

I am not the only one to be quite livid at the performance or lack thereof from the FSB. The patriotic consensus is that silovik heads ought to roll. Furthermore, the patriotic community wants retaliatory action.
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"For Dasha, For Dugin"
Estonia, after all, is now harboring a terrorist and a murderer. If international law were applied consistently, she ought to be extradited and forced to stand trial in Russia. But, because NATO is an organization that sponsors terrorism and whose stated objective is the killing of every single Russian, it is unlikely that she will be extradited. She may, however, be killed or disappeared to tie up any loose ends by her own side.

It will be informative to see who speaks out over the killing of Dugin's daughter in Russian civil society and who remains silent or makes milquetoast statements. I expect Putin to speak out and say something intelligent and reassuring, as he usually does. And I expect a dressing down of the people who ought to have been on top of this. I also expect the MFA to hem and haw and mutter something about international norms and then talk about something else.

This could be yet another major galvanizing moment for Russian society though. Tragedy aside, this elevates Dugin's persona within Russia, which, again, is exaggerated by the Western media. For example, Dugin is rarely ever invited on the top "Russian" political talk shows. This may change and a hardened hardcore voice for unabashed Russian revanchism may suddenly be heard by millions of normie Russian TV-watchers. He is the only public high-profile assassination target of this war within Russia. If he was a living symbol of Russian nationalism before, he may become the living symbol of an aggrieved Russia herself. Dugin himself, visibly shaken and aggrieved, has already spoken publicly about the death of his daughter and said that he sees this war as an epic battle between the forces of dark and the forces of light. He said that his daughter's first words were, "Russia, our nation, our people, empire," and that she "died for our people, for Russia." He closed his remarks by saying that the only path forward, the only way to justify the losses that the Russian people have suffered, is to achieve total victory over Russia's enemies.
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Philosopher Alexander Dugin speaks during the final farewell ceremony for his daughter Daria Dugina in Moscow, Russia, Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022.
The old man, struggling through his grief, has dug his heels in and has not backed down an inch. Much respect to him.

In other words, the Ukrainian psychological operation has backfired spectacularly. Instead of eliminating Dugin and striking a symbolic blow against Russian nationalism, they have instead made their target a grieving, hardened and far more well-known figure within Russia. Millions of Russians who had no idea who he was will now be acquainted with him and his hardcore militant ideas. I would like to remind you that Dugin has, in recent months, re-embraced ethnic nationalism and spoken openly about the Jewish Occupation Government in the West. Anyone who hones in on the target as accurately as he has starts to take on fire.

Now you know why our ideas are so difficult to promote - the powers that be will literally kill people for speaking the truths that Dugin and his daughter spoke. That is because they fear the power of a people that is again becoming conscious of itself as a distinct ethnos, of our certainty in higher principles and a higher power, and of our courage to name our enemy by its name.
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With this attack, the battle lines, if they were not clear before, ought to be sharp and clearly defined now. The West and its allies aid and abet terrorism. They gloat over the death of Russians. Messianic Liberalism is a totalitarian terrorist ideology that suffers no dissent to it. Alexander Dugin and his daughter, his organization and the Russians who support him, stood up to this monstrous evil. For that, no matter what comes next, Dugin will always be a hero in the hearts and minds of people who refuse to bend the knee to the powers that be.