Parts of Colorado wake up to fresh June snow
Parts of Colorado wake up to fresh June snow
As was predicted, a spring storm brought more than a foot of snow to Colorado this week.

According to the National Weather Service, the highest total was recorded in Blue Valley, near Idaho Springs, with 16.1 inches of snow landing in the area. That being said, it's worth noting that the snowfall report is likely only tracking snowfall in populated areas found at lower elevations. Even more snow likely fell on Colorado's highest peaks.

Here's a look at how much snow fell at different places around the state:

Blue Valley: 16.1 inches

Silver Plume: 9.1 inches

Conifer: 7.5 inches

Highland Park: 6.9 inches

Kenosha Pass: 6.5 inches

Glendevey: 6.4 inches

Aspen Springs: 6 inches

Aspen Park: 6 inches

Pine Junction: 5.8 inches

Evergreen: 5.8 inches

Rollinsville: 5.7 inches

Lawson: 5.6 inches

Kittredge: 5.5 inches

Floyd Hill: 5.3 inches

Grant: 5 inches

Pinecliffe: 4.9 inches

Bailey: 4.3 inches

Nederland: 3.5 inches

Updates to snowfall totals can be found on this map.