Pentagon plane
With so much debate going on over what really happened at the Pentagon on 9/11, and the obvious dire lack of coherent commentators to put and end to it once and for all, I decided that it was high time that I added my own reality-based voice to the debate and, in doing so, allow common sense to finally prevail over the ranting of wild-eyed, hairy-knuckled, missing link type conspiracy theorists and liberals alike.

Regardless, then, of the reams and reams of electronic paper that have been wasted on the inane back and forward over what did or did not happen, the task of showing just what hit the Pentagon could not be easier, which makes it difficult to understand why the debate has lasted so long. If I didn't know better, I might almost think that there was some kind of conspiracy going on. Of course, I DO know better. Conspiracies simply do not exist - except for the small ones, they exist, but the big, scary ones do not, and never have. Everyone knows that.

Anyway, to get to the point. I will present conclusive evidence that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon by way of 10 carefully selected photos that, while they speak for themselves, will be accompanied by some incisive commentary by yours truly.

Let's get started:

Pentagon Parody1
Just so we know where we are going, above is a nice picture of a 757-200 with the stats of the aircraft included. These stats are the same as those of Flight 77, which was also a 757-200, and which hit the Pentagon. Therefore it is logical to conclude that Flight 77 did indeed hit the Pentagon.

Pentagon Parody2
Above is an image of the actual Flight 77, a Boeing 757-200, that hit the Pentagon. This picture was taken before it hit the Pentagon. As you all can see, the plane is real. This plane was painted in the AA colors. It also has two 757-200 engines under each wing. An aircraft engine was found in the wreckage at the Pentagon. Coincidence? This is the plane that flew from Dulles International airport and crashed into the Pentagon, therefore, it follows that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

Pentagon Parody3
Here is a photo of some wreckage at the Pentagon crash site where Flight 77 hit. Aircraft debris is visible to the left, to the right, at the top and also the bottom. If you are still in any doubt about the fact that this is the wreckage of Flight 77, notice the green aircraft primer (it's in the pile somewhere) - proof conclusive that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

Pentagon Parody4
In the above photo we see yet more evidence that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Notice the firemen. They are very small compared to the large Pentagon. Now, imagine that just a few minutes before, a large passenger aircraft flew into this building. Can you see it? I know you can. Stay with me on this.

Look at the firemen again. They are American patriots. They were down there on the Pentagon lawn on that fateful September morn, when terror, in the shape of a boeing 757 with a wild-eyed Muslim terrorist a the controls, swooped out of the clear blue American sky to strike at the heart of everything we hold dear. They are the guys who stood there on that lawn and said: "nothing's gonna hurt you tonight, not on my watch." Those guys know what hit the Pentagon. The question is: do you?

Other than giving us an idea of what it is to be a true American, the above photo allows us to see the relative size of the Pentagon (relative to a fireman) and the area that was damaged by Flight 77. Firemen are always called out to air crashes. Obviously then, Flight 77 did this damage to the Pentagon.

Notice the facade is missing a large chunk. Obviously, this is where a part of Flight 77 hit. The smoke and fire is evidence that a large passenger aircraft hit the building about 25 minutes before this photo was taken. Notice the police car in the foreground for further reference. Police men are just ordinary guys. They know what a passenger plane looks like.

All of this provides us with more evidence that it was indeed Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon. After all, what else could it have been.

Pentagon Parody5
In the above image, we (you and me), see more debris from Flight 77 found inside the Pentagon; don't we. I have marked a piece of metal with a red arrow to not only highlight the fact that this piece of metal came from Flight 77 but also so as you, the reader, understand that I am a competent researcher. Note how charred all of this debris is. Obviously charring of this nature results from the impact of large passenger jets into large stationary buildings. If you are still unconvinced, notice that the piece of metal, while badly burned, is obviously green, and therefore came from Flight 77. Notice also that the piece of metal has "rivet holes". Boeing 757-200s have rivet holes. Further evidence that this is a part of Flight 77.

Pentagon Parody6
One of my personal favorites. The above image is damning to the claims of all 9/11 conspiracy crackpots. Very clearly, we can identify a piece of aluminum hanging from the ceiling of the interior of the Pentagon. Flight 77 was made of aluminum. Conclusion? Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

Pentagon Parody7
The 'piece de resistance'. Bold as life, what you are witnessing in the above image, with your very own eyes, is part of the Rolls Royce engine of Flight 77. You see that circular shape with the small holes in it? That is part of a Rolls Royce 757 engine. If you don't believe me, compare with the photo below.

Pentagon Parody8
See? Enough said

Pentagon Parody9
In the above image, we again see clear evidence of the remains of Flight 77, where the fragile nose cone punched through ring C of the Pentagon. Stop for a moment and picture the nose cone (or the engine or something) of Flight 77 coming crashing out of this hole on that horrible, terrible, awful day when the Islamic terrorists attacked us. Can you see it? Of course you can.

Now note the green color on some of the debris. This is a clear sign of its origin - Flight 77. Notice also that this hole is round. The Boeing 757-200 is also a round cylinder. Flight 77 is about 13ft tall. This hole is also about 13ft tall. What does that tell us? Obviously it tell us, (you and me), that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

Pentagon Parody10
And finally. Notice the round thing in the above photo. I have placed a yellow arrow above it in case you can't see it. Flight 77 was made up of many round things, incuding the tyres. This piece of debris looks like it might be half a tyre. If it is, (and it certainly seems that way) then it shows that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

For those who need a little extra something to "seal the deal" as it were, and to forever put to rest the kooky conspiracy theories that have plagued our great nation since 9/11: look at the man in the above photo. He is an American rescue worker - a hero and patriot. Notice that his head is bowed as he walks away. Clearly, he is very sad. But why is he very sad?

He is very sad because Flight 77 had just hit the Pentagon.

Aren't you sad that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon?

Let's review the facts:

The U.S. government says that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

There are pictures of the Pentagon that show clearly that something hit it.

There was a big explosion.

The U.S. government says that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon

There are pictures of debris that show that whatever hit the Pentagon was quite big and had a lot of force.

A 757 is quite big and has a lot of force.

The U.S. government says that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon

Flight 77 and its passengers are missing

The U.S. government says that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon

Eyewitnesses said they saw a plane hitting the Pentagon

The attack on the Pentagon placed guilt for the 9/11 attacks firmly at the door of the Islamic terrorists. The US government has made it clear that Islamic terrorists carried out the 9/11 attacks. Bin Laden says he carried out the 9/11 attacks.

The U.S. government says that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon


Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.