Ariana Grande James Corden
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In a shameless display of servitude, James Corden, UK actor, comedian, singer, writer, producer/propaganda mouthpiece has released a dystopian 'comedy sketch'-cum pandemic theme tune, with pop idol Ariana Grande. The sketch was supposedly created to celebrate the end of lockdown in California but it also manages to squeeze in a promotion for the experimental gene-editing "vaccines" and a repugnant shout-out to Fauci.

In the video we see a disheveled Cordon waking up from his slumber and exploring the post-lockdown streets of New York City, two weeks after getting his vaccine. He gleefully sings: "No lockdowns anymore, we can finally walk out the door, the sunlight is a fantasy". Sadly, this is not hyperbole, there were many who took the advice of 'health professionals' and locked themselves away in their solitary prisons for months on end, defying all logic.

Cordon is then joined by Ariana Grande as they jubilate over the return to 'normality', which for them consists of getting haircuts, going to the gym, putting on shoes, and getting wasted at nightclubs. But there's a caveat... the camera pans to Grande for her riveting solo, where she tells us that it's time to make new memories "once you've got your vaccine" (the implication being that without the vaccine, you can't do any of the above-mentioned things).

Condemnation From Both Sides

Unfortunately for Grande and Corden, their 'comedy sketch' fell flat all around. Those who could see through the MSM's BS brainwashing tactics have called them out for their creepy propaganda piece.

On the other side of the aisle, the COVID Karens are chastising the pair for their insensitivity to those that have lost their lives due to the government-mandated pandemic.

"Shout out to our favorite MD Anthony Fauci"

The icing on the cake was the special shout-out to 'Saint Fauci', their "favorite MD". Fauci, the same MD who has brazenly lied and manipulated the American public into accepting draconian and harmful measures in the name of public health. Fauci is a criminal and should not be worshiped given that his list of failings is extensive, but here are some of the highlights:
  • Fauci was the director of the NIAID in '84 and was responsible for the promotion of inaccurate HIV tests and the rapid approval of a highly toxic drug AZT after botched safety tests. For more information, check out OffGuardian's excellent article here. The chemotherapy drug is still used today and in 2015 Fauci advocated for its preventative use in healthy patients. Sound familiar?
  • He has been a long-time proponent of gain-of-function (GOF) research and even funded GOF research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) as reported by Newsweek. He has repeatedly denied this fact and actively suppressed the lab leak theory. For more information check out Mercola's article here.
  • Fauci's irresponsible fearmongering fueled COVID hysteria. Many of his statements pertaining to the severity of COVID never materialized and had no basis in reality.
  • Fauci knew masks were ineffective and acknowledged they were for show. Masks are not only ineffective but they are harmful to adults and children and disturbing amounts of highly toxic pathogens have been found in them.
  • Fauci has consistently lied about the supposed safety of the COVID 'vaccines', "first do no harm" clearly means nothing to him.
  • He pushed the lie of asymptomatic spread which was used to justify locking healthy people up. This may lead to the biggest economic and mental health crisis we have ever seen.
  • Fauci publicly condemned Hydroxychloriquine despite scientific and anecdotal evidence suggesting it reduced the COVID mortality rate by 50%. Instead, he championed Remdesivir which he had a vested interest in. Big pharma mafia strikes again.
Unprecedented Coercion

This 'comedy sketch' is just one more example of the unprecedented coercion tactics being used to convince the masses to 'get the damned vaccine' and comply with the ever-changing safety measures. Although this is nothing new, and governments and health authorities have openly discussed paying social media influencers and celebrities to advocate for the COVID-19 shot, this one seems a little more sinister. The dystopian tune is masked as Hollywood-style syrupy musical theatre and starring America's 'young and cool' to target the younger generation. One wonders whether the PTB are becoming desperate amid reports of declining vaccine rates in the 18-49 age group.

If the vaccine rates are actually declining, we shouldn't wonder why. If you are aged between 20-44, you have a 99.9% chance of survival if you contract COVID. In fact, this age group is more at risk of having an adverse vaccine reaction or dying because of the vaccine.

The Hill reports:
But the weekly vaccination initiation rate decreased across all age groups from April 19 to May 22, with those aged 18 to 29 seeing a 1.7 percent drop in people getting their first shot. For 30- to 49-year-olds, there was a 1.8 percent reduction in vaccination initiation.

"Despite recently expanded eligibility for vaccination to all adults, increases in weekly initiation among younger age groups have not reached peak weekly initiation rates that occurred in January and February among adults aged ≥65 years," the study said.

The CDC called for "continued efforts" to promote vaccinations, increase confidence in the shots and reduce barriers to getting vaccinated, particularly among those aged 18 to 49.
So thanks, but no thanks, James Corden and Ariana Grande, you can stick your new normal and vaccines where the sun doesn't shine. I'll be listening to "Just Say No" by rapper RC thank you very much.